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From Edison Su <>
Subject RE: Proposed fixes for debian package building process
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2012 18:59:14 GMT
I don't the deb build on master will work, as we moved build system from ant to maven, the
artifacts build by maven is quite different from ant(regarding to the path). You can find
the discussion about the build system in the following the mail threads:

-----Original Message-----
From: Dave Cahill [] 
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2012 1:13 AM
Subject: Proposed fixes for debian package building process


There appear to be some errors in the debian package building process; I'd like to double-check
my approach for fixing them.

The wiki [1] gives the procedure for building debian packages as:
mvn install -P deps && dpkg-buildpackage

However, mvn install -P deps fails with:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project cloud-deps: Could not resolve dependencies for project
org.apache.cloudstack:cloud-deps:jar:4.1.0-SNAPSHOT: Could not find artifact org.apache.cloudstack:cloud-awsapi:jar:4.1.0-SNAPSHOT
in apache.snapshots ( -> [Help 1]

The reason for this failure seems to be this section of deps/pom.xml:

${project.version} is 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT, however looking at,
I only see 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT.

If I replace ${project.version} for cloud-awsapi in deps/pom.xml with a hardcoded "4.0.0-SNAPSHOT",
mvn -P deps succeeds. An alternative fix would be if 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT version of cloud-awsapi
was available on

I also found that in order for dpkg-buildpackage to succeed, I needed to run "mvn install
-P deps -pl deps" rather than just "mvn install -P deps".

For reference, if you run dpkg-buildpackages without running "mvn -P deps", the error returned
/PATH/incubator-cloudstack/build/build-aws-api.xml:34: taskdef class org.apache.axis2.tool.ant.AntCodegenTask
cannot be found

Lastly, I would have expected "mvn clean" to remove the .jars in the deps folder, however
it does not - this made debugging "interesting"!

Proposed changes:
* Hardcode 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT as the version of cloud-awsapi in deps/poms.xml
* Change the wiki to reflect the fact that "mvn install -P deps -pl deps"
needs to be run when building debian packages
* Change mvn clean to remove the jars from the deps folder

Please let me know if those changes make sense, or if I'm missing something. If they look
OK, I'll create a patch and submit.



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