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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject Debian packaging progress
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2012 08:24:44 GMT

Last week at ApacheCon Hugo and I discussed the Deb and RPM packaging 
following up on the work which was done in the Maven RPM branch.

The RPM packaging now partially works, but it still needs improvement.

We discussed multiple ideas, but we figured it would be best to use the 
maven-shade-plugin and create on JAR file for for example the Agent with 
all the runtime dependencies in there.

This makes life much easier and also makes sure we have all the deps we 

The client/UI goes into one big WAR file which also has it's 
dependencies in it for the same reason.

As I'm going offline for about a month I'll be working on this locally 
when I have some spare time.

I don't say this is final, but I'll try to push a new branch later on 
with the proposed fixes so we can discuss if we like this for our Deb 
and RPM packaging.

As far as I can see now we can ditch the cloud-agent-libs, 
cloud-agent-deps and cloud-deps packages, but probably also cloud-utils.

We can reduce the number of packages and individual dependencies, so 
that should be a bonus.

Other than that I want to prevent us symlinking from /etc to 
/usr/share/cloud/management since that breaks all rules regarding 

This is just a FYI to let you know I'm working on it.


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