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From DE Clay <>
Subject Feature request - Progress Inidictors in the web UI
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2012 18:25:56 GMT
I hope I'm sending this to the correct list.

I very much like the existing UI, but it would really benefit from
progress indicators for the asynchronous tasks that are run.  I'm
thinking specifically in the area of instance deployment and other long
running tasks that might have stages to their completion.

If this was reflected in the UI (instead of the simple blinker) that
would add to the sense of progress from the users point of view. ie
10% .. 20% ... 100% and maybe some text that describes the stage.

Thanks, --Daron
Daron E. Clay, CTO LLC
Information Technology Architect
VMware Certified Professional

Specializing in Cloud Computing Services
and x86 Virtual Infrastructure Solutions

Phone: 970-769-4805

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