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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: Question on NetGuru vs Network Element
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 20:33:24 GMT
The network guru deals with ip allocation, mac allocation. The VR deals
with actually serving up this information to the guests.
If you are happy with the default IPAM then there is no need to implement
a NetworkGuru.

On 10/3/12 1:03 PM, "Hugo Trippaers" <> wrote:

>It depends on what you want to do, I could get that from your email. If
>you need to be involved in the creation of the L2 network (like for an
>SDN solution) you need a guru to take care of that.
>If you just want a higher level element like a firewall or a loadbalancer
>just dealing with the element is enough.
>Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad
>Op 3 okt. 2012 om 12:02 heeft "Sridhar Devarapalli"
><> het volgende geschreven:
>> Hi,
>> I have a question on which component a network service provider for
>> Cloudstack should be developing - is it a Network Guru or Network
>> I know that it is definitely necessary to develop a network element.
>>But I
>> though that by default, Cloudstack virtual router will provide the basic
>> NetGuru functions (IPAM, DHCP, DNS etc). So didn't see a need to develop
>> the NetGuru API.
>> However, looking through a plugin implementation, I noticed that a
>> implemented all the methods of the Network Element as well as the
>> "implement" method of the NetGuru. It seems like the only thing that the
>> vendor was doing was to create a logical network in the NetGuru
>> method. My question is whether this extra step is necessary.
>> My understanding of the workflow for creating a network through a
>> provider is as follows -
>> NetworkElement.Implement( ) - Create the specified network on the that
>> specific Network element. This method is called when the first VM of the
>> network is brought up.
>> NetworkElement.Prepare( ) - Add the VM to the specified network. This
>> method is called whenever a new VM boots up in that network
>> NetworkElement.Release( ) - Remove the VM from the specified network.
>> method is called whenever a VM is shutdown.
>> So can someone please clarify if this workflow seems right (and
>> and if there's anything that I'm missing? Really don't see why I need to
>> implement the NetGuru.
>> thanks!
>> Sridhar

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