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From Hugo Trippaers <>
Subject Rpms without waf and maven state
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 01:38:57 GMT
Hey all,

Maven build has come a long way. On my test systems it is now able to build a war for the
client and the awsapi, a jar for the usage server, the systemvm.iso, a jar for console-proxy
and a zip file  for agent. That is pretty much everything there is to build in CloudStack.

Both client and awsapi will run right from maven with the jetty:run command (or right from
eclipse, handy for debugging). I've testing my Nicira stuff using only the maven builds and
debug server and so far no trouble, but I'd like some feedback from KVM people :-) I only
have xenserver available for now.

With the maven build going in the right direction I've put some effort in making packages.
It is nowhere near finished yet. Still if anyone want to have a look, I've pushed to first
change to the maven-to-rpm branch. The spec file in packaging/centos63 will build CloudStack
using maven and then package the files directly. The resulting rpm file should be enough to
run the management server (as a shortcut I've compressed the various packages into one for

With these packages we can start testing if the maven build good enough for people to work
with. Please note that these changes will probably disrupt the ant build on master. This is
mostly because there are problems with maven getting the dependencies for the ant build which
is not fine grained enough to deal with both awsapi and server. Please try to switch to the
maven build and shout if there is anything not working as expected ( or help me fix it ;-)

On the irc meeting there was a valid point raised why this work isn't done on a branch instead
of on master. This is open for discussion. My argument in favour of doing it on master is
that the build/compile is done as far as I can determine. It is different from what we did
with ant, but that is to be expected, it is not a one on one conversion. With maven the main
build system in master more people will start using it and become familiar with it. There
will be small bits and pieces that need to be fixed, but those we will only encounter if we
actually use it.



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