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From Brian Federle <>
Subject Re: CloudStack UI: New widget library development
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15:31:57 GMT
Unfortunately, I think sort will not be in the UI in the near future, as
it is something that would need API/backend support. I experimented with
sorting using pure JS, though once the table listing goes > 50 rows, the
browser slows down considerably.

But yes -- full docs will be provided for the widget implementation, once
it is complete :)


On 9/14/12 7:57 AM, "Pranav Saxena" <> wrote:

>Hi Mice,
>I have been working very closely with Brian . The first two requirements
>have already been taken into consideration and the development work for
>both of them will be starting pretty soon. Though I am not very sure
>about the 3rd requirement you mentioned.
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>From: Mice Xia []
>Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 8:15 PM
>Subject: Re: CloudStack UI: New widget library development
>imo, a quick document/guide is required right now, it will greatly help
>developers to start off building their UI with current widgets.
>regarding new features:
>1) in 2.2.y UI, we can select multiple VMs and start/stop them as a
>whole, 3.0.x lost this handy funcitonality.
>2) can we associate a refresh button with listView? or every time users
>have to nagivate back and forth to fresh it.
>3) add sort functionality to listView
>2012/9/8 Kelcey Damage (BBITS) <>:
>> Hmm, this is cool, as I have had an inkling to build desktop widgets
>>for CS data. And I would like to build a Metro interface... yeah I know,
>>it's pure evil.
>> I think what you're doing has great potential.
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>> From: Brian Federle []
>> Sent: Friday, September 07, 2012 12:48 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: CloudStack UI: New widget library development
>> Hi All,
>> In an effort to improve the user interface architecture and promote
>>reusability, I am compiling all common UI elements present in CloudStack
>>into a robust widget library. The main focus will be to improve UI
>>developers' experience and to allow other people to utilize the widgets
>>in their own projects.
>> Here are some of the improvements planned:
>> -Organize all current components into separate, easy to use widgets,
>>  particularly:
>>   -Sliding panel system
>>   -Table list
>>   -Details table
>>   -Form dialog
>>   -Navigation system
>>   -Tree view
>> -Complete test coverage with qunit, for all widget features
>> -Easy-to-read documentation on how the widgets work and their
>> parameters
>> -More modular architecture, to prevent code duplication and to isolate
>>specific features for better maintainability.
>> As I am in the design phase right now for this widget library, I would
>> love to hear from the community on how to improve the CloudStack UI
>> codebase:
>> -Any way to make the widgets/UI easier to maintain
>> -Things you don't like about developing with the current UI
>> -Any new features that would be beneficial
>> I'm doing development right now on a github repository, but ultimately
>>once complete the library will make its way back into the CloudStack
>>project source. Feel free to browse/pull/watch the code there:
>> Also, I'll post some initial documentation soon, which will describe
>>how the widgets can be implemented, etc.
>> -Brian

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