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From Brian Federle <>
Subject CloudStack UI: New widget library development
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 19:47:55 GMT
Hi All,

In an effort to improve the user interface architecture and promote
reusability, I am compiling all common UI elements present in
CloudStack into a robust widget library. The main focus will be to
improve UI developers' experience and to allow other people to utilize
the widgets in their own projects.

Here are some of the improvements planned:

-Organize all current components into separate, easy to use widgets,

  -Sliding panel system
  -Table list
  -Details table
  -Form dialog
  -Navigation system
  -Tree view

-Complete test coverage with qunit, for all widget features

-Easy-to-read documentation on how the widgets work and their

-More modular architecture, to prevent code duplication and to isolate
 specific features for better maintainability.

As I am in the design phase right now for this widget library, I would
love to hear from the community on how to improve the CloudStack UI

-Any way to make the widgets/UI easier to maintain

-Things you don't like about developing with the current UI

-Any new features that would be beneficial

I'm doing development right now on a github repository, but ultimately
once complete the library will make its way back into the CloudStack
project source. Feel free to browse/pull/watch the code there:

Also, I'll post some initial documentation soon, which will describe
how the widgets can be implemented, etc.


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