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From Alex Huang <>
Subject RE: [ASFCS40]Drive to clear the review board...
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 18:26:05 GMT
Hi everyone,

Here is the third pass.  We cleared quite a few reviews yesterday but there were more submitted
so we actually have more.  The good news the action for about a quarter of the reviews  is
to "Commit it" or "Mark as submitted".  Please take a look.  Especially the people with reviews
that says "Mark as submitted", please take a quick action item to check the fix is in and
mark it as submitted to get it out of the review board.

Note that for everyone's convenience I added another column call Updated.  
- The first column is the review #. 
- The second column is for who to take action.  
- The third column is the version this patch should go into.  If it is 4+, you don't have
to take action before 4.0 release.  
- The fourth column is if the review has changed since last push.  If you're following this
email daily, you should be able to just monitor this column to determine if there's new action
item for you since the last push.
- The fifth column is what I believe is the action needed to close out this review.

Review	Assign To	Version	Updated	Action to Take
5625	Vijay	4		Retract the review request and resubmit when review is done
5655	Hugo	4+		Respond to Review
5806	Deepti/Nitin	4	Y	Nitin to respond to diff and commit if okay to ship
5871	Vijay	4	Y	Mark as submit
6287	Edison	4+		Respond to Wido
6328	Jessica T	4		Commit it
6425	Likitha	4		Redo the patch with the new DAO
6427	Jessica T	4		Doc change.  Not sure if Jessica can commit it.  If not then pradeep.
6428	Likitha	4		Fix according to review?
6431	Anthony	4	Y	Review and Commit
6470	Marcus	4		Take this off the review board as it is committed
6492	Krishna	4+		Respond to review comments
6502	Fang	4		Ship it
6515	Abhi	4+	Y	Review fix
6523	Nitin	4+		Respond to Rohit
6547	Sheng	4		Commit it
6614	Krishna	4+		Respond to review.
6615	Marcus	4		Mark as submit
6658	Marcus	4		Mark as submit
6666	Marcus	4		Mark as submit
6701	Vijay/Murali	4		Make sure the diff has been committed and remove if it is.  If not committed,
then Murali needs to commit it.
6702	Vijay	4		Respond to review
6720	Sheng	4		Commit it
6733	Gregg	4	Y	Mark as submit
6765	Anthony	4		Review and Commit. 
6781	Rohit	4+	Y	Submit new patches
6793	Sheng	4		Review and Commit.
6814	Alena	4		Review and Commit.
6825	Chiradeep	4	Y	Review and Commit.
6845	Alena	4		Review and Commit.
6858	Nitin	4	Y	Commit it
6859	Sheng	4		Commit it
6873	Anthony	4		Review it
6881	Jessica T	4		Review it
6883	Sheng	4		Commit it
6895	Chiradeep	4		Review and Commit
6899	Vijay/Pranav	4	Y	Pranav to provide commit id and Vijya to mark as Submitted
6917	Jessica T	4		Review and Commit
6926	Sheng	4		Review and Commit
6941	Pradeep	4		Review and Commit
6978	Radhika	4		Mark as submit
7009	Hiroaki	4	Y	Mark as submit
7013	Alena	4	Y	Review
7015	Sheng	4	Y	Review
7017	Alena	4+	Y	Review and Commit
7018	Nitin	4	Y	Review
7025	Fang	4	Y	Fix according to review

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