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From Sailaja Mada <>
Subject [ASFCS40]Consolidate List Of Issues Observed With KVM Host
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 06:01:15 GMT

List of issues that we have observed so far are given below :

RHEL 6.3 as KVM HOST :

1.       Initial attempt of installation failed with JSVC package dependency with Agent and
Usage Monitor [   &
 ]  .

2.       After cloud agent is installed,  HOST has to be rebooted before adding it to the
MS [ Mail Thread]

3.       Failed to deploy the Router which causes deploy VM to fail

A.      Rohit reused the same setup with basic zone . It went thru with no issues .  But root
cause analysis for the initial failure is not known yet.  We are not reusing the hosts.  Every
time we are doing a new install of host]

B.      One of the reason is probably because of this: "Identity file /root/.ssh/
not accessible: No such file or directory."  The workaround we figured was to restart agent
again on the host. But issue still needs to be fixed.

4.       Authentication failure with admin/password  [servlet is undefined] - This issues
is not observed consistently.

Ubuntu as KVM HOST :   This has been discussed with Edison in the mail thread to community.

1.       Used the build
. Observed  multiple instances of the same package after untarring

cloud-agent_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb       cloud-cli_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb        cloud-deps_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb
    cloud-server_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb      cloud-utils_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb

cloud-agent_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb       cloud-client_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb     cloud-deps_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb
    cloud-setup_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb       cloud-utils_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb

cloud-agent-deps_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb  cloud-client_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb     cloud-python_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb

cloud-agent-deps_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb  cloud-client-ui_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb  cloud-python_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb
  cloud-system-iso_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb  Packages.gz

cloud-agent-libs_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb  cloud-client-ui_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb  cloud-scripts_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb

cloud-agent-libs_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb  cloud-core_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb       cloud-scripts_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb

cloud-cli_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb         cloud-core_4.0.0-rc2_amd64.deb       cloud-server_4.0.0-rc1_amd64.deb

This packaging needs to be changed.

2.       Tried the agent install using script but this script doesn't install the
cloud-scripts package, so after running I had to install scripts package manually.
Needs to be included in

3.       The script for copying the systemvm-template to secondary storage is located at /usr/lib/cloud/common/scripts/storage/secondary/cloud-install-sys-tmplt
while for Rhel 6.3 it is stored at /usr/lib64/cloud/common/scripts/storage/secondary/cloud-install-sys-tmplt.
Needs  to be documented.

Thanks and Regards,

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