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From "Matthew Patton" <>
Subject Re: [ASF40] What should cloud-setup-agent do?
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 22:02:56 GMT
On Fri, 17 Aug 2012 14:55:37 -0400, Wido den Hollander <>  

> My main problem with cloud-setup-agent is that it is touching all kinds  
> of files without notifying the system administrator about this.

yeah like /etc/sysconfig/libvirtd. I needed to add stanzas to  
/etc/cgconfig.conf to unbreak libvirtd. Found a lucky post.
It also tramples on /etc/libvirt/{libvirtd,qemu}.conf. BTW what's with the  
deliberately insecure configuration of the listener? No effort is made to  
honor all the warnings about making sure you have TLS or GSSAPI security.  
That's one thing the agent should be taking care of.

> cloud-setup-agent then does:
> 1. Verify if packages are installed
> 2. Verify if bridges are present
> 3. Generate file

actually it should read what the sysadmin already placed in there. Either  
generate a '.new' for save off a '.orig'.

> I think the whole setting up packages and configuring the hypervisor is  
> up to the admin, he/she(!) can do this manually or use Chef/Puppet for  
> this task.

when you run the agent installer, it does a bunch of package installs. I  
don't think cloud-setup-agent needs to wade into that frankly.

> Also, to take it a step further, there is no need to run  
> cloud-setup-agent, you can generate a yourself.

True. But we need MUCH better description of exactly what some of those  
terms mean. It's probably obvious to those who wrote the CS codebase, but  
to the rest of us, not so much.

> Adding hosts through the WebUI should also go much smoother, since that  
> also invokes cloud-setup-agent through SSH.

The virgin install wizard needs to be bypassable. With a fresh install  
even if you elect for the "advanced" mode you get a 16 screen wizard which  
asks for things that the new user has no clue about. And there is no way  
to save progress as you go along. If the person wants to launch the  
wizard, give them the option. But otherwise let them go thru each  
individual step at their leisure. The documentation is also obtuse in this  

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