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From sebgoa <>
Subject Re: Build process for devcloud image.
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 13:36:21 GMT
Hi Chip,

I am almost through the entire build.

However puppet seems stuck at:

notice: /Stage[main]/Puppet-devcloud/File[/opt/storage/secondary/template/tmpl/1/1]/ensure:

Downloading the tinylinux VM ?


On Aug 7, 2012, at 8:05 PM, Chip Childers wrote:

> Edison (others),
> I'd love if you would give the devcloud "build process" a try.  I
> combined your veewee stuff, with puppet manifests that build a base
> box, and then are used whenever devcloud is started from vagrant.
> Basic instructions are here:
> To build a "devcloud base box", run you need a system with VirtualBox
> and rvm installed (use ruby 1.9.2).  Run to
> build the base box.
> To use the "devcloud base box" that is created in the previous step,
> you need to have installed a forked version of Vagrant (until we make
> the changes plugins instead of direct source patches) that can be
> found here:
> Once installed per the Vagrant installation process, run:
> vagrant box add devcloud [path to]
> Then, either go into the devcloudbox folder of your checked out
> version of the CloudStack code
> (incubator-cloudstack/tools/devcloud/devcloudbox), or copy the
> contents of that folder to another location.
> Assuming the patched Vagrant installation is working, you then simply
> run "vagrant up" from within that directory.
> -chip

-Sebastien Goasguen
Apache Cloudstack Evangelist, EMEA

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