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From Murali Reddy <>
Subject Re: How to create a plugin in CS 3.0.2
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 10:37:59 GMT

Are you using ASF repo or other git repo? If you are not particular on
3.0.2 Please use master branch on ASF repo [1].

Code has been re-structured to make plug-in development easier. You can
take example of random host allocator at 'plugins/host-allocators/random'
to create your own plugin. Add the target for your plug-in in the
'build/build-cloud-plugins.xml' under build-host-allocators target. Edit
the components.xml and you are all set to go, no need to copy the jar, ant
deploy-server will do it for you.


On 17/08/12 3:45 PM, "Hieu Le" <> wrote:

>I'd like to ask what if I write a plugin to implement new algorithm in
>scheduling host for deploy VMs. I have read an adapter developer guide in
>CS 2.2 docs and Allocator Implementation Guide (ref:
>but it seem to be a little bit confuse to add new plugins
>The steps I do:
>- Write new plugin (Implements HostAllocator and my algorithm)
>- Package to jar file with command: jar cf output.jar
>- Copy jar file to /usr/share/java/
>- Edit components.xml and replace FirstFitAllocator adapter with my new
>allocate algorithm.
>- Restart server with service cloud-management restart
>When I restart server, it failed and the logs tell that it cannot locate
>own adapter (jar file).
>Please help me solve this problem. Did my package process correct ? How to
>make cloud server locate my new class in classpath.
>Thank you so so much !
>..:: Hieu LE ::..
>Class: Information System - Course 52
>School of Information and Communication Technology
>Hanoi University of Technology
>High Performance Computing Center
>Cloud Computing Group

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