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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: AutoScale comments.....(WAS:RE: where features are developed was: Review Request: Merge Kelven's VPC code for Vmware into asf vpc branch)
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2012 17:12:05 GMT
Can you address 3-6 ?

On 8/16/12 7:52 AM, "Ram Ganesh" <> wrote:

>Changing the subject line to reflect feature being discussed....
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Chiradeep Vittal []
>> Sent: 15 August 2012 07:32
>> To: CloudStack DeveloperList
>> Cc: Pranav Saxena; David Nalley; Vijay Venkatachalam; Alena
>> Prokharchyk; Deepak Garg
>> Subject: Re: where features are developed was: Review Request: Merge
>> Kelven's VPC code for Vmware into asf vpc branch
>> I have a few comments:
>> 1. The table autoscale_vmprofiles has account_id as well as user_id.
>> Only
>> account_id should be sufficient?
>	User_id is critical here. This is the handle used by the NetworkElement,
>NetScaler, to issue DeployVM and DestroyVM API calls to CloudStack
>management server. Column name in autoscale_vmprofiles db table is
>> 2. The table 'counter' and 'condition' should be renamed so that it is
>> clear that it is autoscaling related. So also the corresponding Java
>> classes, APIs and interfaces
>	The idea is to look at Counter and Condition as generic entities which
>can be used in various use cases and autoscale is one of such use case.
>Tomorrow once we have a robust messaging framework(per Murali's proposal)
>in CloudStack one could attach outbound actions like email send, SNMP
>event forward to a third-party SNMP manager say once a condition is
>evaluated to true . Hence we do not want to restrict these entities to
>AutoScale. Please let us know your thoughts.
>> 3. Any indexes at all on these new tables?
>> 4. autoscale_vmprofiles (and java class) should not have reference to
>> snmp. We discussed why before, and alternatives to this design on this
>> mailing list.
>> 5. A lot of the changes to existing files are whitespace changes that
>> are
>> unrelated to the logic. Please avoid this.
>> 6. Why is a Counter not a ControlledEntity but Condition is?
>> 7. Not sure why the LoadBalancer* classes have been touched. Everything
>> should be isolated to Autoscale? Can you explain why you had to make
>> API
>> changes to the LoadBalancingRulesManager?
>	It is a Loadbalancer rule which is enabled/configured for AutoScale. The
>changes in Loadbalancer* classes are only to bind the AutoScale feature
>to an Loadbalancer rule. Rest all entities such as Counter, Conditions,
>AutoScaleProfile etc reside outside Loadbalancer* classes.
>> 8. The License header is not consistent (some with leading spaces,
>> others
>> without)
>> 9. Not all files have the Apache license.

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