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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject Re: maven: will I be shot for using systemPath?
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2012 07:02:03 GMT
2012/8/27 Darren Shepherd <>:
> I'm going to submit more maven/waf/ant stuff.  One of the things right
> now is that we have non-redistributable jar's in git (and I also put
> them in my custom maven repo, probably shouldn't have done that).  I
> need to get rid of those and make building those components optional.
> So I am currently using systemPath (ie
> <systemPath>${basedir}/../../../deps/cloud-iControl.jar</systemPath>) to
> point to those jar files assuming that if one wants to build the non-oss
> module, then they will download the files them self and put them in the
> expected place.
> I know systemPath is frowned upon, but it seemed to me that since these
> jars can't legally be put in a repo (unless the vendor does it), it
> seemed okay?  Thoughts?

Did you think about the solution of apache extras svn repo ? I did
that for an other incubator project see .
Perso I would prefer that. If you want I can create this space and
give you karma.

> Darren

Olivier Lamy
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