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From Outback Dingo <>
Subject VLANS in Advance Networking NOT NEEDED.
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 23:28:32 GMT
Just a curiosity, wonder if there way any way to allow advanced
networking without using VLANS
I get the security concept, though i question their use in certain
configurations and that not everyone
can afford the high end switches required to maintain a VLAN network.
Simply put, we should be
given a choice. I can configure XCP / XEN hosts to do exactly what i
want without cloudstack, by
giving all VMs dual interfaces one for public and one for private
without issues. As soon as I put
CS in the mix I am forced to use vlans in my configuration which my
current network topology
doesnt support. and yes, I have two separate physical network
segments, so i question why i need vlans
in the first place as im not running public address space and private
address space over the same
physical network, so why does CS limit various hypervisors usage by
forcing vlan topologies

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