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From Gavin Lee <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] Call for doc sprint participants: Docbook XML conversion
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 03:18:15 GMT
Hi, Jessica
This is Gavin Lee from tcloudcomputing in China. I'd really wish I can
help on the Docbook transition and zh-CN localization.
After looked through the link you provided, I have some questions hope
you can help to answer:
1.  For the Docbook part, which branch we will work on, 4.0 or master?
2.  Should I edit the page below directly to pick up sections after sign up?

Another question is for zh-CN l10n, will the final po files put on
transifex like CS runbook did or not?


On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 9:21 AM, Jessica Tomechak
<> wrote:
> Do you have experience with Docbook? Are you interested in helping make
> sure we have complete installation documentation for the first Apache
> release of CloudStack? Then read on...
> The original (pre-Apache) CloudStack docs team converted most of the
> existing CloudStack documentation into Docbook XML from Word for Windows --
> an inherited, obviously non-optimal format. However, a large part of the
> Installation Guide did not yet make the transition. We have been unable to
> find a good automated tool, and we could use help completing this task.
> If you have used Docbook and Publican before, or even if you just have the
> ability to paste text between tags and follow a template format, you're
> invited to participate in our first doc sprint / fixit.
> Sign up and find instructions at the link below. All participants will be
> rewarded with neverending glory or, at least, the very sincere appreciation
> of the full-time docs team.
> P.S.: Wido and Sebastien are already signed up. Thanks!
> Jessica T.
> CloudStack Tech Pubs


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