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From Gavin Lee <>
Subject "Failed to install: x != java.lang.String" when register ISO in CS 3.0.x
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2012 10:22:18 GMT
I encountered the issue when register ISO, I googled and found similar
issue has beed fixed:

But I couldn't find the fix in apache git repo or git repo.

I'm using apache cloudstack 3.0.x,  when click the uploaded ISO, the
UI display contains following message:
Status	Failed to install: x != java.lang.String

The log vmops.log doesn't show any exception but following information:

2012-08-23 17:11:05,021 DEBUG [agent.transport.Request]
(AgentManager-Handler-1:null) Seq 6-213123976: Processing:  { Ans: ,
MgmtId: 52232246786, via: 6, Ver: v1, Flags
: 10, [{"storage.DownloadAnswer":{"jobId":"4109c690-8f70-4908-a18d-74c841be1127","downloadPct":100,"errorString":"Download
success, starting install ","downloadStatus":
success, starting install ","wait":0}}] }

2012-08-23 17:11:15,053 DEBUG [agent.transport.Request]
(AgentManager-Handler-4:null) Seq 6-213123978: Processing:  { Ans: ,
MgmtId: 52232246786, via: 6, Ver: v1, Flags
: 10, [{"storage.DownloadAnswer":{"jobId":"4109c690-8f70-4908-a18d-74c841be1127","downloadPct":100,"errorString":"Failed
to install: x != java.lang.String","downloadSta
to install: x != java.lang.String","wait":0}}] }

If it's already fixed, please tell me where I can find it; Or I can
help on this.



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