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From Chip Childers <>
Subject awsapi folder license headers
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2012 13:58:04 GMT
I've been cleaning license headers in the awsapi folder, and I'm left
with a short list of files that I need the community's advice on.

Here are the outstanding issues:

- awsapi/waf
- awsapi/packages/config/debian/rules

I think we only need to include the copyright notices from these files
within our top level NOTICE file.

- awsapi/packages/config/debian/control

I'm assuming that we don't need to include a copyright notice in this
file.  Specifically, I don't think we can, since this is a binary
package.  If this was a source package, then we could add comments.
See the rules for what can go into a control file here:  If
someone that knows the Debian packaging tools better disagrees, please
speak up!

- awsapi/resource/AmazonEC2/AmazonEC2.wsdl
- awsapi/resource/AmazonEC2/services.xml
- awsapi/wsdl/AmazonEC2.wsdl
- awsapi/wsdl/AmazonS3.xsd
- awsapi/wsdl/cloud-AmazonEC2.wsdl
- awsapi/wsdl/cloud-AmazonS3.wsdl

I'm concerned about these AWS files.  They appear to be official AWS
WSDL files.  Has anyone researched the ability for us to keep these
files in our source tree?  If so, do we simply need to put them into
the top level NOTICE file?


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