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From John Kinsella <>
Subject CloudStack Meeting Minutes - 24 August 2012
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2012 20:20:08 GMT
Thanks to everybody for joining the weekly IRC meeting. I apologize for not getting an announcement
out earlier this week, been a busy week for me.

We kept the discussion short and quick this week, more standing-meeting style. Meeting bot
was missing, so summary/minutes were done by hand by me.

Meeting summary:

* ewanmellor says Release Candidate 1 is scheduled for a week from today

* ewanmellor says looks like licensing refactoring will be done unless something comes up

* ewanmellor says upgrade is still an issue that needs to be resolved before release.

* ewanmellor says automated tests should be ready in time

* ewanmellor says legal-144 got approved, so we have permission to ship libvirt-java as an
LGPL optional dependency.

* kdamage is working on images for the 4.0 documentation, is looking to place them on the
wiki or a website so others can review (mailing list won't take attachments)

* kdamage mentioned he's still working on his gluster code, those present came to consensus
that this should be targeted for 4.1 release, not 4.0.

* wido reminded that libvirt-java is switching license to MIT at 0.4.9 which will be out "shortly."
(in September). The CloudStack plan is to make it optional in 4.0, and add back once 0.4.9
is out

* wido says he's working on docs, taking out Citrix references, getting KVM/mgmt server install/configure


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