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From David Nalley <>
Subject Unreviewed patches in the queue
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2012 18:08:04 GMT
Hi folks:

This needs some attention.

The following patches in reviewboard have had zero feedback - some of
them are over a month old. I am goign to try and pick up two today, if
you are a committer please try and pick up at least one in the next 24


Pending review-requests without reviews or comments: (oldest first)
2012-06-21 11:56:41 pradeepso            : CS-15281: Removal of third
party dependencies in Citrix code base.
2012-06-21 18:58:14 rajesh_battala       : Adding the file back to master branch.
file got deleted due to some commit in master branch.
2012-06-27 11:35:18 pranavs              : CS-15211 - At the end of
the wizard if there are errors you are provided with links back to the
step where it thinks the error occurred. It just wasn't clear that you
could get out of the step that the wizard linked you to and move to a
different step where the error actually originated.
2012-06-29 09:00:59 olga.smola           : CS-15391: Missing required
fields velidation when Edit on the Details tab for
Infrastructure/Zones, Infrastructure/Pods.
2012-06-29 10:47:23 olga.smola           : CS-15393: Scroll bar
doesn't work when any point is selected.
2012-07-02 10:33:49 tsp                  : Appending/Cleaning up the
ASF license headers for Marvin
2012-07-03 14:34:31 olga.smola           : CS-15353: UI Larger click boxes in UI
2012-07-04 05:40:17 mice_xia             : fix CS-15432 Failed to
detach VMware tools ISO after VMware tools installation
2012-07-04 06:29:38 koushikd             : Fix for CS-15345
2012-07-06 08:39:54 Spark404             :
PremiumSecondaryStorageResource should be part of core and not of the
vmware plugin
2012-07-06 11:47:40 Spark404             : cloud-vmware.jar needs to
be in the system vm for the PremiumSecondarySe to work
2012-07-06 15:37:07 olga.smola           : CS-15478: UI cosmetic bug,
empty buttons/viewAll section.
2012-07-09 06:35:49 Spark404             : parms should be a copy
instead of a reference as locals() is bound to cme
2012-07-09 09:04:27 Spark404             : Typo in
2012-07-09 18:38:57 Spark404             : This table should not have
a contraint on device and physical network ialt with in the code and
by using the removed field.
2012-07-09 19:42:58 jbausewein           : Hiding of add guest network button
2012-07-11 02:59:34 mice_xia             : CS-15521 Xenserver based
User VM failed to HA when vrouter runs on ESXi
2012-07-11 09:57:43 Saksham              : CS-15048: Log rotation
functionality in system VMs is broken resuting in 100% of disk space
getting consumed.
2012-07-13 07:09:40 pranavs              : CS-15572:StartIndex handled
incorrectly when switching between the various "Filter by" options
while listing ISOs in the UI
2012-07-16 14:30:06 olga.smola           : CS-15533:  In the ''Add
instance'' window, ''Review'' tab, there should be selected offerings
listed not only edit buttons.
2012-07-18 05:35:09 mice_xia             : CS-15609 Volumes can be
created as a part of VM creation when un-allocated space is
insufficient on primary storage
2012-07-23 19:56:31 pranavs              : CS-15540:Shared Networks
IPs in Advanced Zone appear as 'Direct IP' in System-Wide-Capacity
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