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From Frank Zhang <>
Subject OVM3.0 integration
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 21:28:51 GMT
Recently I received lots of ping from people who want CloudStack integrates with OVM3.0.
CloudStack has supported Ovm2.3 in current code base, however, Ovm3 is generally treated as
a more stable, enterprise-ready Oracle server virtualization solution, so I was thinking of
making it work in CloudStack for a while.
However, I still have some concerns:
1. It will refactor whole OVM integration code in CloudStack. In terms of Ovm2.3, CloudStack
extends ovs-agent running on OVM server to interpret commands from CloudStack management server,
this bypasses the Oracle VM manager which provides web API with a java library. I made this
decision based on my experience with Ovm2.3 manager, I felt it's not stable and the API it
provides was not comprehensive to fulfill our requirements.  As Ovm2.3 allows directly talking
to ovs-agent thru XML-RPC, extending its agent came to be the easiest and reliable way to
     The story looks changed in OVM3. Oracle claims they rebuild the whole tool stack which
makes me think using its SDK is the right way to go. The most attractive thing in Oracle claim
is they said its manager built on Oracle J2EE server was capable of cancelling long run task
anytime. As I also work at this area, I understand how much effort must be paid to implement
this seemingly simple feature in terms of data integrity.  This convinced me that OVM3 manager
has fair quality, it might be worth doing big refactor in line with OVM3.
     However, I didn't see its SDK yet, I was told its SDK was still in progress last time
I visited Oracle forum. Any people on list has some fact of it? Or any people has experience
of OVM3 and what your thoughts about it?

2. Even we go with OVM3 SDK, there is still some hacking having to be made on host. CloudStack
has its own command hierarchy, some commands can match to hypervisor's API/SDK, while some
cannot. For example, downloading template from secondary storage, checking primary storage
statistics. Some hypervisor, like Xenserver, provides a command channel that you can plug
your backend in the host. I don't know if OVM3 has similar thing as I haven't seen its SDK.
If not, our solution comes to be a mixture of SDK and hand craft agent, which is viable but
not perfect to me. Any people has thoughts here? 

And any thoughts and questions are welcome. I want to use this thread to discuss OVM solution
in ASF CloudStack. Thank you

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