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From Frank Zhang <>
Subject RE: how can i debug the cloudstack?
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 21:45:54 GMT

> Hi, I'm trying to get the servlet work on eclipse, too.
> I've read the documentation, and did as described.
> But I could not figure out the setup is useful, except searching the code.
> I wonder does anybody actually using this?
> What's the standard setup to write or debug the code?

we are not usually running CloudStack from eclipse, instead, we deploy it in a Linux machine
with Tomcat6 installed,
you can spring up a CloudStack instance by running 'ant build-all deploy-db deployd-server
debug' in the root folder of source, once the instance is running , it  listens on 8787 port
and you are able to connect to debug it using remote debug configuration of Eclipse.

> I could not understand the concept why there're so many java class packages
> distributed over many separate projects?
> For example, agent, agent-simulator, core and server has each
> package classes.

Emm, there are some historic reasons. Backing to early 2008 when we started CloudStack, there
was not any advanced opensource project as a reference, we tried various ways to figure out
what's the best
practice to create cloud manager. These projects you mentioned, exhibit the course of history
of  our effort attempting to build an excellent cloud manager. 
During the quick growth journey, we spent most effort in developing cutting-edge features,
as a consequence, we sacrificed a little code organization.
We have noticed this and have started working on improving it. Alex has post a proposal for
re-organizing CloudStack components in a more modularity way. This would be the main direction
we are focusing on in next couple of months.

Welcome any idea to make CloudStack code more modularity!

> (2012/06/08 19:17), guang wu wrote:
> > hi, friends! i have set up the develop environment for eclipse
> > according that "How to set up a CloudStack development environment"
> > document(
> >
> _d
> > evelopment_environment)
> > already.
> > but find some error in these project! i don't know whether effect
> > development, and i don't know how to debug the project, such as how to
> > set break point(source code) follow the program every step handle as
> > the same other java web /java application project . can you help me ?
> thanks!
> >

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