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From Ewan Mellor <>
Subject RE: Patches review
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 20:06:35 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Fred Wittekind []
> ...
>> Personally, I've always submitted patches via attaching them to bug
> >> reports.  Works well when I find a bug in something, don't have time
> to
> >> wait on anyone else to fix it, so I fix it myself, attach it to a
> bug
> >> report, and hope it's in the next release so I don't have to deal
> with
> >> it again.  Works pretty good with most open source projects.
> >>
> >> Fred Wittekind
> >>
> > So I have seen a lot of folks who use this approach, but that
> > typically means that the mailing list gets cced on every action in
> the
> > bugtracker. (mailing lists are where everything happens in Apache
> > projects) We are already on track to hit 1,000 messages on this list
> > alone this month - are we sure we want to add Jira traffic to that
> > volume?
> >
> > --David
> >
> If we don't use the project's bug tracker to track the progress of bugs
> and there patches, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having it?
> Keeping the patch file attachments in Jira would keep those file
> attachments out of the mailing list (reduction of traffic), and we
> wouldn't run into MTA/MUAs mangling them.
> If someone makes a comment in Jira, then CCs the mailing list, that
> isn't any more mailing list traffic than sending to the same thing to
> the mailing list alone.


I want to keep this thread alive, because this is an important decision in front of us, and
the thread died on Wednesday without getting very far.

I think we're all agreed that we want to get patches out of email and into a tool that's better
designed for peer review, automated test, and merge.  So that's the decision that's ahead
of us -- what tool do we want to use for this?

In my opinion, Jira is a _fantastic_ bug tracker, but it's a poor tool for reviewing patches.
 The best systems that I have seen will use a dedicated review tool, and will reflect details
back to the bug tracker for archive.  That way, anyone looking at the bug can find the review
discussion and see when a fix was merged, but the actual review itself can happen in a tool
designed for the job.

I know of two decent options: Gerrit from the Google Android team, and ReviewBoard.  I've
seen Gerrit used very successfully in the past.  I don't know anything about ReviewBoard,
other than the fact that there is an instance hosted at  (It was also
down last week, which is a concern, but I'm sure we could address any instability problems
if we wanted to depend on it.)

Does anyone have any other tools that we should look at, or comments on either Gerrit or ReviewBoard?

The next step from here would be to pick one or two to evaluate, and put together a workflow
for patch acceptance that we can all agree on.



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