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From Prasanna Santhanam <>
Subject Re: CloudStack API question
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2012 12:50:38 GMT
Hi Amit,

Posting this to the asf-dev list. There are more eyes here to correct me
if I am wrong. 

Answers Inline: 

> Where can I find more information on specific parameters passed to a
> CLoudStack API. The API reference guide only provides a one line
> description

I think that the API reference is the current authoritative doc.  

> Eg: In the deployVirtualMachine API what is the networkids parameter
> used for ? It says list of networks.  So how do I pass the list ? in
> a array ? is there any advanced documentation with examples ?

This parameter chooses the guest networks that the VM becomes a part of
on successful deployment. The deployVirtualMachine's networkIds are a
comma-seperated list of networkIds returned by listNetworks API call.

> The current issue I am working on is provisioning machines on a
> CloudStack setup which has multiple networks available. So how do I
> choose what network to select for the VM. I don't want to provide
> this as an option to the user as that will complicate the
> implementation. 

Few approaches I can think of:

* You could always choose the one single network you are interested in. 

* One network can be selected to be default so that the VM always gets
deployed in that network when not given a networkid.

* If your user is using the CloudStack UI I'm not sure how to hide the
other networks. If not - filtering out listNetworks should work for



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