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From Kevin Kluge <>
Subject RE: [cloudstack-devel] Hyper-V Support
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2012 02:52:06 GMT
Alessandro, one other question -- can you explain the rationale for managing Hyper-V directly,
as opposed to going through SCVMM?  CloudStack's VMware integration goes through vCenter.
 We chose that model since we heard from users that VMware administrators liked using vCenter
as a management point.  Also, there are some features that are implemented by vCenter that
a direct-host management integration could not provide without re-implementing similar functionality
itself.  I had assumed that a Hyper V integration would have similar issues , suggesting management
via SCVMM would be advantageous, but I am relatively less familiar with Hyper-V technology
and administrator preferences.   Thoughts?   Are there any features that we "lose" by going
direct to host versus through SCVMM?


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