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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: cloudstack-rat-master #675
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 23:43:59 GMT
See <>


[kelven.yang] Maven config, initial commit

[kelven.yang] Fix small compilation issue encountered when building with maven

[kelven.yang] m2e doesn't like it when the project root is the source folder

[kelven.yang] * Maven 3 support

[kelven.yang] Add license

[kelven.yang] Add license

[kelven.yang] Maven worksplace fixes/patches from Darren

[kelven.yang] add maven eclipse project files from Darren

[alex.huang] modules

[sudison] add storage interface

[] remodel storeage

[sudison] add platform storage pom.xml

[sudison] Add more storage code

[sudison] add lifecycle and pool manager

[kelven.yang] Messaging facility initials for new architecture

[sudison] add volumeorchestra

[alex.huang] CS-16152:Projects:Not shown max.vpcs entry in the resourcelimits

[alex.huang] Deleted some useless files

[alex.huang] Deleted files

[alex.huang] more class file changes from maven

[alex.huang] Started an object model for the orchestration platform

[alex.huang] Here's the actual object model.  This will allow developers to follow how CloudStack
works by following the object model

[alex.huang] New String Util

[sudison] add more new files

[sudison] continue addding new files

[sudison] add secondary storage provider

[alex.huang] More changes

[alex.huang] more changes

[alex.huang] Changes to jobs

[alex.huang] Jobs changes

[alex.huang] added missing files

[alex.huang]  CS-16022: If host connection fails due to some DB error, host disconnect does
not happen and mgmt_server_id is not removed.

[alex.huang] CS-16258: Load Test - 1 host stuck in "Rebalancing" state forever. "java.lang.NullPointerException"
seen in "Cluster-Worker" thread that was handling this process.

[alex.huang] deadlock on host_details: Missed adding the unique key constraint needed on host_details
table in create_schema

[alex.huang] debian: Fix package building with Maven

[alex.huang] fix rpm build

[alex.huang] need to call mvn install before waf deb

[alex.huang] fix ant missing axis ant plugin

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-38:Lable name is getting displayed in place of Network Rate while
adding Network offering

[alex.huang] fix installation issue

[alex.huang] fix ant build failed on jenkins

[alex.huang] fix systemvm zip

[alex.huang] another try to fix the deb build

[alex.huang] final try

[alex.huang] don't call mvn in waf, so the build will take two steps, one is mvn install,
another is waf rpm

[alex.huang] waf: Remove debuild, build with dpkg-buildpackage

[alex.huang] debian: Fix dependencies

[alex.huang] debian: Fix homepage and maintainer

[alex.huang] Fixed artifact names in build_asf script

[alex.huang] Fixed file names in the script

[alex.huang] remove wrong storage network ip checking when setting internal ip route in NFS

[alex.huang] fixing line endings

[alex.huang] Resolving CLOUDSTACK-49 : Correct the source tar.gz and zip extract folder names
to match the release artifact name.

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-48 : Removing stale documentation

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-46 : Removing mycloud, due to the agreed on deprecation of that feature.

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-46 : Missed a reference to the mycloud setup script in cloud.spec

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-56 : fixing license headers

[alex.huang] fixing more line encodings

[alex.huang] Add KVM to hypervisor types allowed in VPC

[alex.huang] Removing the older xenapi jar and adding an ant target to build one from the

[alex.huang] The file scripts/storage/secondary/cloud-install-sys-tmplt had a syntax error,

[alex.huang]     VPC : by default , outgoing traffic is allowed out, once egress rules are
added, only traffic specified in those are allowed out, others are blocked

[alex.huang]     CS-16261:

[alex.huang]   CS-16254:

[alex.huang] Correcting NOTICE file to include jquery 1.3.2, as well as some minor character

[alex.huang]  CS-15542: UnPlugNicCommand return success if vif doesn't exist

[alex.huang]  CS-15921 : in 2.1 timeframe, -untagged string is appended to the end of instance

[alex.huang]  CS-15542, return success when vif is not there on deipassoc

[alex.huang] Bug 13734 : after upgrade, dhcp traffic is allowed for all VMs

[alex.huang] VPC : static route, add route table in cloud-early-config

[alex.huang] VPC : clean up rt_table when stop domr

[alex.huang] VPC : configure apache2 for each guest network

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-59 missing license header.

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-61 Console proxy has plenty of files with CRLF line ending.

[alex.huang] fix ant deploy-server

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-50 build-apidocs ClassNotFoundException:

[alex.huang] CS-14664:System Wide Capacity Resources Screen has spilling values- Adjusting
the table structure

[alex.huang] Clean up docs in /tools/marvin:

[alex.huang] updating the link for bugs

[alex.huang] incrementing release number in publican

[alex.huang] adding script to make this easier to consume

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-68 Missing license header in ui/dictionary.jsp

[alex.huang] Remove /tools/test which is taken over by /tools/marvin

[alex.huang] Remove tools/migration

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-70: Improve Network Restart Behaviour for Basic Zone: Restarting Network

[alex.huang] CS16171 : Cannot attach ISO on VMware VM due to Invalid datastore path error

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-52 Fix for AWSAPI contains hibernate configurations

[alex.huang] Poms for the test directory.

[alex.huang] Maven: Fix POM in test

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-69 Hibernate jars should be removed

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-26 and CLOUDSTACK-47: Removing *.war, *.jar, and deps/awsapi-lib/rampart-lib/*.txt

[alex.huang] Added gitignore for deps/*.jar so that the files are not added

[alex.huang] debian: Make maven a build dependency

[alex.huang] waf: Small whitespace cleanup

[alex.huang] debian: Depend on log4j 1.2.16 and add to CLASSPATH

[alex.huang] part of CLOUDSTACK-69 remove hibernate and its dependency from wscript_build
and cloud.spec

[alex.huang] remove mysql-connector-java.jar from rpm package

[alex.huang] fixing a few license headers

[alex.huang] Partial fix for awsapi deploy-server issues that I introduced when trying to

[alex.huang] Fixed rampart group ID in the awsapi/pom.xml file.

[alex.huang] Changed the location from which to pull the mar files during deploy-server

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-63: remove ant

[alex.huang] only check ISO which is downloaded status

[alex.huang] add build-helper to remove the local repo

[alex.huang] it breaks the build

[alex.huang] fix the build, hope

[alex.huang] Revert "CLOUDSTACK-70: Improve Network Restart Behaviour for Basic Zone: Restarting
Network Fails"

[alex.huang] fix rpm build

[alex.huang] Fixed build for windows

[alex.huang] Replace db-id by UUID for user VM's vm-id.

[alex.huang] Fix the output of instance-id and vm-id to UUID

[alex.huang] fix rpm build

[alex.huang] don't compile xenapi

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-64: remove junit

[alex.huang] Write results to stdout when result log is not specified

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-72 Error label in traffic type edit dialog in zoneWizard

[alex.huang] Feature Documentation for s2svpn interVlan and Autoscale

[alex.huang] debian: Install cglib through the package manager

[alex.huang] debian: Depend on jsch from the repository

[alex.huang] CS-14277

[alex.huang] debian: Get backport-util-concurrent from the Debian repositories

[alex.huang] debian: Update locations where to search for Java under Ubuntu and Debian

[alex.huang] Patch from to resolve a Fedora dependency issue.

[alex.huang] debian: Add two JAR files to cloud-deps

[alex.huang] waf: Remove jnetpcap.jar from the common JAR files

[alex.huang] debian: Add the MySQL connector to the classpath

[alex.huang] debian: Remove *.conffiles files

[alex.huang] Feature Documentation for s2svpn interVlan Reviewed-By:Jessica Tomechak

[alex.huang] CS-16239: don't try to pull key information if the key was removed in the system

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-53: CloudBridge installation pieces present, deprecated?

[alex.huang] CLOUDSTACK-51: Outdated docs and license data present in awsapi

[alex.huang] CS-14796: Error out with InvalidParameterValueException in UserVmManagerImpl
if userdata is not base64 encoded.

[alex.huang] Keep the instance-id and vm-id values prior to Acton, use UUID for VMs created
poast Acton.

[alex.huang] Replaced tabs with spaces in VirtualNetworkApplianceManagerImpl (tabs were used
mostly in network stats related code)

[alex.huang] CS-16187: don't allow vpc offering creation with unsupported services (Firewall,

[alex.huang] Fixed unittest

[alex.huang] more changes

[alex.huang] Fixed compliation

[alex.huang] Added extra maven files

[alex.huang] latest changes

[kelven.yang] Merge DB query builders from master

[sudison] add templateprofile

[sudison] javelin is revived

[kelven.yang] Architecture refactoring - Stateless management server - EventBus

[sudison] add license header

[kelven.yang] Architecture refactoring - Stateless management server - Spring Framework initiatives

[sudison] fix some pom xml files indentation, add db.root.passowrd, add utils/conf/,
add to create user cloud, add devcloud pom file

[sudison] if missing, shouldn't panic

[kelven.yang] Architecture refactoring - Stateless management server - Spring Framework initiatives,
add missing files

[sudison] add unit test

[sudison] add more interfaces

[alex.huang] Correct dependency errors

[] @DB works on spring

[kelveny] add TransactionContextBuilder based on Spring AOP

[alex.huang] Added a database creator class. not working yet.  Edison will look at it

[] add volume types

[kelveny] Test of using Spring DI to implement Basic/Premium configuration

[] follow the

[sudison] move code around

[] add more classes

[kelveny] Wire up injection for dynamically constructed objects

[sudison] add more files

[sudison] add volume service skeleton

[alex.huang] Changed the create database steps to be create from a single create-schema.sql
and then apply database modifications

[alex.huang] Finally got rid of create-index-fk.sql.  Merged everything into create-schema.sql

[alex.huang] Changes in the API

[alex.huang] added missing files

[sudison] add more files

[sudison] add more files

[alex.huang] A bunch of .project changes again

[alex.huang] Moved platform to engine

[alex.huang] Added engine

[alex.huang] fixed pom problem in network component

[alex.huang] Moved from platform to engine

[sudison] fix build

[sudison] add image skeleton

[kelveny] Add Spring annotation to major components

[kelveny] Switch inject annotation to javax and let ComponentLocator to recognize both the
new and original inject annotation

[kelveny] Add autowiring+AOP support to injected components

[kelveny] Refactor ComponentLocator to be based on Spring so that legacy way of loading component
can coexist with Spring

[kelveny] Replace Adapters and PluggableServices, use Spring to load them

[kelveny] Fix the compiling issue for usage server caused by mering the Spring work

[sudison] move interfaces around

[sudison] refactor apis

[kelveny] CloudStack messaging refactoring skeleton

[sudison] add storage motion interface

[kelveny] Connnect event bus to messaging layer

[sudison] fix build

[kelveny] Add concept of caller context and message serilizer to messaging layer

[kelveny] Add pipeline concept to RPC facility, fix javelin build issue

[] add image motion interface

[alex.huang] Added a war for cloud-engine

[alex.huang] Added dependencies

[sudison] refactor download template

[alex.huang] Some initial checkins

[alex.huang] Changes to deploy cxf

[kelveny] modify RPC API flavor to be in Java Future<T> style

[kelveny] Make RPC naming convention clear for RPC users, add handler and event dispatchers

[sudison] starting unit test

[sudison] create template/primary data store is done

[kelveny] Add more RPC implementation code

[] create volume from template unit test is passed

[sudison] fix build

[sudison] remove unused code

[] seperate code into different modules: storage, storage/volume, storage/image,
storage/snapshot, storage/backup, storage/integration-test

[kelveny] Finish RPC calling side implementation

[kelveny] Finish RPC service server side implementation

[] add sample driver code: solidfire and s3

[] add backup/snapshot project

[kelveny] add IPC test

[kelveny] add anonymouse client RPC endpoint support

[sudison] add more implementation in volume project

[kelveny] Add compilable client RPC test file

[kelveny] Add RpcAddressable to allow upper layer adding address mapping logic for its business

[sudison] add state machine for templateonprimarystorage, thus we don't need hold lock

[sudison] We can directly load xenserver resource in unit test now, that means directly sending
commands to hypervisor host in unit test is possible, storage integration test is in a final

[kelveny] Add AsyncMethod support

[kelveny] Give flexibility to write in-place AsyncMethod callback hanlder

[kelveny] Add Void class for AsyncMethod to indicate void return

[alex.huang] Removed the Time Service now that we know how to use cxf

[alex.huang] links are working

[alex.huang] testing done

[alex.huang] Figured out how to add annotations to jackson

[sudison] add lifecycle on primarydatastore

[sudison] add datastore configurator, for each hypervisor and each protocol, needs to have
its own configurator

[] finish configurator, the default primary storage provider can cover all the hypervisors
and protocols

[kelveny] Add transport implementation for RPC/Async framework

[kelveny] Hook server side RPC provider with a server side transport

[kelveny] Add server side transport driver

[kelveny] Add sample management server with loosely coupled sample components to test out
the new RPC/messaging framework

[sudison] fix build

[kelveny] Fixes/tests on sample management server on new RPC/Async framework

[kelveny] Fixes/tests on sample management server on new RPC/Async framework

[kelveny] fix some RPC problem

[kelveny] Refactor and finalize framework IPC java package structure

[sudison] 1st try to add async api in the storage component, it's ugly like hell

[sudison] Finally, get async api call works for storage subsystem

[kelveny] Modify Async callback setup convention

[kelveny] Add chain support to AsyncCallDispatcher

[kelveny] Modify RPC callback style to be in consist with the latest AsyncMethod callback

[sudison] add xenserver backend code: download template from http directly

[kelveny] remove parent concept from AsyncCallbackDispatcher, let user of AyncMethod handle
high level concept of chaining

[sudison] fix build, due to refactor rpc

[sudison] fix test build

[sudison] fix unit test

[sudison] trying to add code to download url into devcloud

[kelveny] add RPC client side implementation

[sudison] finaly, finish download template to primary storage

[kelveny] Fix a few Spring issues to Bootstrap javaline server

[] refactor test cases: use testNG instead of junit, as testNG can group test cases
and pass parameter to test case

[] so many traps in rpc call: you can't use aop in a thread, you need to intercept
finalize call etc

[sudison] add create volume from base image command

[kelveny] Fix a few Spring bootstrap issues

[alex.huang] Getting things to compile

[alex.huang] Fixed problems with inject checkin

[alex.huang]  made changes to work with the new injection stuff

[alex.huang] missing change

[sudison] add uml class diagram generated by objectaid

[sudison] fix build

[kelveny] Solve Spring loading issues with a few Dao and Manager components

[kelveny] Enforce strong typing for getting result from AsyncMethod

[kelveny] fix jetty:run environment setup

[sudison] add create volume

[sudison] fix build

[sudison] refactor volumeservice api

[sudison] fix build

[prachi] ProvisioningService:: registerZone changes and unit-test

[prachi] Provisioning Service: register Pod, Cluster, Deregister Zone/Pod/Cluster and unit

[prachi] Register Host and unit test

[prachi] Deleting the file that got added during rebase

[prachi] Fixing the file that was merged incorrectly

[kelveny] Replace Adapters<T> with standard List<T> to work with Spring injection

[david] enabling cobertura reports

[kelveny] Missing two files in last check-in

[kelveny] Add AsyncCallFuture

[kelveny] Get rid of due-mode in AsyncCallFuture, it is too confusing and we don't have a
use case of it

[kelveny] Accissibility fix when invoking callback method

[sudison] add deletevolume and createdata disk

[kelveny] More Spring issues to bootstrape javalin server

[sudison] change the top level async call using future

[kelveny] First page of Javelin management server bootstraped by Spring is able to show now

[kelveny] Hook log4j to Spring bootstrapped Javelin server

[kelveny] convert existing singleton objects into Spring loadable bean components

[prachi] OrchestrationService: some changes for DeployVM

[alex.huang] Removed all the .project files

[alex.huang] Added back in the .project ignore setting

[kelveny] Work with Spring proxy-ed object

[alex.huang] getting it to compile

[kelveny] Cleanup places that use explicit wiring of the components

[kelveny] Fix startup sequence for classes that have due Manager/Adapter interfaces

[kelveny] Get rid of static references to component framework

[alex.huang] merge compiles

[prachi] fixing errors

[kelveny] Seperate configurable components out and let them be loaded from Spring configuration

[kelveny] Fix problems after merge

[] refactor the motion service api

[alex.huang] removed componentlocator and inject

[alex.huang] removed import of componentlocator and inject from all files

[alex.huang] Keep removing

[alex.huang] more files changed

[alex.huang] cleanup warnings in utils

[kelveny] Another round of fixes after merge

[kelveny] Loadable components to be in separted Spring component bundling

[kelveny] Fix issues after another round of merge

[bhaisaab] maven: Remove duplicate cloud-core dependency in server

[bhaisaab] create-schema: Fix deploydb, drop existing (new) tables

[bhaisaab] Fix license headers for java files in javelin

[bhaisaab] Fix license for xml files in javelin

[bhaisaab] Fix license on, jsp and ucls files on javelin

[kelveny] Fix POM that breaks the build

[kelveny] Re-fix startup of management server

[kelveny] Fix singleton initialization in ApiServer/ApiDispatcher to make it work under Spring
bootstraped environment

[kelveny] Forget to save changed file in last commit

[] refactor api

[] fix compile

[kelveny] Add ActionEventIntercepter to implement origianl ActionEventCallback in Spring AOP

[] Revert "fix compile"

[] Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/javelin' into javelin"

[] refactor api, based on suggestion from community

[kelveny] Fix issues with @DB support in Spring environment

[] rename dataobject to datastream

[kelveny] deprecate storage provider in StroragePoolVO

[kelveny] Put command classes under Spring injection framework

[kelveny] Remove unused fields in

[kelveny] Handle proxy object situation in dispatching API command

[kelveny] Disable StorageProvider, storageType introduced in Javelin new code, temporarily,
to make existing code run

[frank.zhang] CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-723

[kelveny] Separate loadable components like Gurus, Elements, Adapters to componentContext.xml

[bhaisaab] maven: Fix deploydb in developer/pom.xml

[kelveny] Get rid of PlugService annotation, replace it with Spring standard injection in
command classes

[alex.huang] Commit the current changes to unit tests

[alex.huang] added missing files

[kelveny] System VM can start now with Spring bootstraped management server

[bhaisaab] DBCreator: Fix ScriptRunner to strip comments, reformat code

[bhaisaab] maven: Fix deploydb in developer/pom.xml to pass through DatabaseCreator

[frank.zhang] CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-723

[bhaisaab] MockConfigurationDaoImpl: Fix build issue, add base class method

[kelveny] allow nested injection in ComponentContext

[kelveny] Always use premium setting in ConsoleProxyManager

[bhaisaab] DatabaseCreator: Process db props, sql and upgrade classes separately

[bhaisaab] maven: disable awsapi by default, enabled by -P awsapi profile

[sudison] rename datastream to dataobject

[sudison] implement toURI

[kelveny] Deprecate 2.1.x migration DAOs, it breaks EntityManager's singleton assumption

[bhaisaab] Transaction: cosmetics fix

[kelveny] Add FactoryBean for VirtualMachineEntity to help implement dyanmic injection

[bhaisaab] rat: Fix license on newly added files

[sudison] replace spring injection in nfssecondarystorage

[sudison] add misssing files

[alex.huang] fixed unit tests from merge

[bhaisaab] adding other key value info for dbcreator to work in a generic way

[bhaisaab] ScriptRunner: Alternate constructor to get verbosity flag

[bhaisaab] Transaction: Fix static, add method to reinit static datasource off a db props

[bhaisaab] DatabaseCreator: Make it reinit db, add flags, opts, run scripts and upgrade checkers

[bhaisaab] maven: Fix developer/pom.xml to use DatabaseCreator

[kelveny] Add configurable components to Spring XML context file to allow configuration of
componets not hard-coded in code

[kelveny] Bring javelin back to the status of being able to start System VMs after another
round of master branch merge

[alex.huang] Removed a useless class?

[alex.huang] Fixed the problems with simulator.  Turned off the skip tests

[] add backedn code

[] add test case for create storage pool

[] add unit test back, primary storage life cycle is tested

[alex.huang] Making unit tests work

[prachi] Deploy, Start, Stop, Destroy VM orchestration service changes

[prachi] More changes for deployVM flow.

[prachi] Removing the alter table statement - data_center already has a removed column

[prachi] Adding defaults to new columns

[prachi] VO should not contain any DAO. Transient should be loaded by the caller using the

[prachi] Fixing Merge error

[prachi] Removing BareMetalService referrences. We will load UserVMService by default.

[prachi] Fixes to VO stuff

[prachi] Renaming VmInstanceVO: dataCenterIdToDeployIn to dataCenterId

[] add image create test case

[] skip test in cloud engine

[bhaisaab] tools: Fix devcloud artifact name, avoid confusion

[bhaisaab] maven: create dependency, deploydb on developer first and then on devcloud

[prachi] Fixing error with merge

[bhaisaab] maven: tools/devcloud should be in developer profile

[kelveny] Fix the initialization of management server

[bhaisaab] rat: Fix licenses on engine/orchestration/

[prachi] Fix NPE with volume reservation

[alex.huang] delete some old sql files

[alex.huang] nonoss compiled up til netscaler

[prachi] Planner should set the pool information in the destination for volumes that are not
yet ready.

[prachi] GenericDao maintains a map of VO interface -> DaoImpl. Since cloud-engine is not
yet a separate service, we need to introduce dummy interfaces to load both CloudStack API
daoImpls and engine daoImpls

[kelveny] Remove final modifer to ListS3Cmd class as it conflicts with Spring injection

[alex.huang] unit test works again

[bhaisaab] spring: Fix component annotation for VolumeDaoImpl and CfgServerImpl

[bhaisaab] AccountManagerImpl: Fix method to check and return systemuser, spring injection

[min.chen] Fix Snapshot unit testcase.

[min.chen] Fix StoragePool unit testcase.

[bhaisaab] UserContext: Threadsafe singleton, inject using ComponentContext, spring di failsafe

[kelveny] A workaround to injection problems in servlets (ConsoleProxyServlet and RegisterCompletionServlet)

[] generalize storage orchestration: DataObjectManager will handle all the object
life cycle management

[prachi] Fixing VPC unit test to use Spring

[] forget to check in code

[sudison] fix compile

[sudison] set local storage as up

[bhaisaab] Fix a bug in listHosts that returns wrong zoneId for host.(cherry picked from commit

[frank.zhang] CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-723

[kelveny] Put nonoss under Spring framework

[kelveny] Add for nooss composition of CloudStack

[kelveny] Make nonoss build work under Spring

[bhaisaab] test_vm_life_cycle: Fix expunging logic as in mgmt server

[bhaisaab] test_vm_life_cycle: Consider 600s threshold for expunge.delay as per server logic

[kelveny] Put usage server under Spring

[bhaisaab] test_vm_life_cycle: Don't wait a lot poll for change every expunge_cycle interval

[bhaisaab] client: Fix maven to replace nonoss spring ctx xml for nonoss build

[prachi] Spring changes in awsapi

[frank.zhang] CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-723

[bhaisaab] cli: Show filter only when a subject is specified in autocompletion

[frank.zhang] CloudStack CLOUDSTACK-723

[kelveny] CLOUDSTACK-1070: HypervisorTemplateAdapter needs to be configured with proper name

[kelveny] Put a tempoary fix to awsapi to workaround an issue with jetty/Spring integration

[bhaisaab] maven: fix axis2 version to 1.5.6 fixes starting issue with awsapi

[kelveny] Remove temporary hacking and use Official way to wire-up servlet with injection
under Spring

[kelveny] Improve component lifecycle management with system run-level concept

[prachi] Spring hack for Ec2RestServlet

[kelveny] Fix awsapi issues in Spring wiring

[prachi] more change to fix awsapi deployment with maven and jetty and Spring

[kelveny] Restore old caching policy on DAOs under Spring configuration

Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Building remotely on ubuntu2 in workspace <>
Checkout:cloudstack-rat-master / <>
- hudson.remoting.Channel@582de7a:ubuntu2
Using strategy: Default
Last Built Revision: Revision 631b6fd46a4371425991127cf19379feea16f869 (origin/master)
Fetching changes from 1 remote Git repository
Fetching upstream changes from
Commencing build of Revision e74f72be340e97c20a51585f520b31c2b99be049 (origin/master)
Checking out Revision e74f72be340e97c20a51585f520b31c2b99be049 (origin/master)
[cloudstack-rat-master] $ /bin/bash -xe /tmp/
+ /home/jenkins/tools/maven/latest2/bin/mvn --projects=org.apache.cloudstack:cloudstack org.apache.rat:apache-rat-plugin:0.8:check
[INFO] Scanning for projects...
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Building Apache CloudStack
[INFO]    task-segment: [org.apache.rat:apache-rat-plugin:0.8:check]
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] [apache-rat:check {execution: default-cli}]
[INFO] Exclude:
[INFO] Exclude: .idea/
[INFO] Exclude: *.log
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.patch
[INFO] Exclude: **/.classpath
[INFO] Exclude: **/.project
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.iml
[INFO] Exclude: **/.settings/**
[INFO] Exclude: .metadata/**
[INFO] Exclude: .git/**
[INFO] Exclude: .gitignore
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.crt
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.csr
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.key
[INFO] Exclude: **/authorized_keys
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.war
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.mar
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.jar
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.iso
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.tgz
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.zip
[INFO] Exclude: **/target/**
[INFO] Exclude: **/.vagrant
[INFO] Exclude: build/build.number
[INFO] Exclude: console-proxy/js/jquery.js
[INFO] Exclude: debian/compat
[INFO] Exclude: debian/control
[INFO] Exclude: debian/dirs
[INFO] Exclude: debian/rules
[INFO] Exclude: deps/XenServerJava/src/com/xensource/xenapi/*.java
[INFO] Exclude: deps/XenServerJava/BSD
[INFO] Exclude: deps/XenServerJava/Makefile
[INFO] Exclude: dist/console-proxy/js/jquery.js
[INFO] Exclude: scripts/vm/systemvm/
[INFO] Exclude: tools/devcloud/basebuild/puppet-devcloudinitial/files/network.conf
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.colorhelpers.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.crosshair.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.fillbetween.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.image.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.navigate.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.pie.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.resize.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.selection.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.stack.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.symbol.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.threshold.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery-ui/css/jquery-ui.css
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery-ui/index.html
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery-ui/js/jquery-ui.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery.cookies.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery.easing.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery.md5.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery.validate.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/qunit/qunit.css
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/qunit/qunit.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/reset.css
[INFO] Exclude: waf
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/systemvm.vmx
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/root/.ssh/authorized_keys
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/apache2/httpd.conf
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/apache2/ports.conf
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/apache2/sites-available/default
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/apache2/vhostexample.conf
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/dnsmasq.conf
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/vpcdnsmasq.conf
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/ssh/sshd_config
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/rsyslog.conf
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/logrotate.conf
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/logrotate.d/*
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/sysctl.conf
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/root/redundant_router/keepalived.conf.templ
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/root/redundant_router/
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/root/redundant_router/conntrackd.conf.templ
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/vpn/etc/ipsec.conf
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/vpn/etc/ppp/options.xl2tpd
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/vpn/etc/xl2tpd/xl2tpd.conf
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/vpn/etc/ipsec.secrets
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/cloud-nic.rules
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/modprobe.d/aesni_intel
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/etc/rc.local
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/var/www/html/userdata/.htaccess
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/config/var/www/html/latest/.htaccess
[INFO] Exclude: patches/systemvm/debian/vpn/etc/ipsec.d/l2tp.conf
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Too many unapproved licenses: 26
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] For more information, run Maven with the -e switch
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 21 seconds
[INFO] Finished at: Fri Feb 01 23:43:58 UTC 2013
[INFO] Final Memory: 17M/276M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
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