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Subject [13/43] git commit: fix CS-15814 Description of global configuration 'encode.api.response' is incorrect
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2012 18:55:24 GMT
fix CS-15814 Description of global configuration 'encode.api.response' is incorrect


Branch: refs/heads/vpc
Commit: a74c6e310488143ac7633040b59a16269c5fb7c0
Parents: 8d75c8f
Author: Mice Xia <>
Authored: Wed Aug 8 16:29:53 2012 +0800
Committer: Mice Xia <>
Committed: Wed Aug 8 16:29:53 2012 +0800

 server/src/com/cloud/configuration/ |    2 +-
 setup/db/db/schema-303to40.sql                 |    2 +-
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
diff --git a/server/src/com/cloud/configuration/ b/server/src/com/cloud/configuration/
index 534f022..481e5ab 100755
--- a/server/src/com/cloud/configuration/
+++ b/server/src/com/cloud/configuration/
@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ public enum Config {
 	AgentLbEnable("Advanced", ManagementServer.class, Boolean.class, "", "false",
"If agent load balancing enabled in cluster setup", null),
 	SubDomainNetworkAccess("Advanced", NetworkManager.class, Boolean.class, "",
"true", "Allow subdomains to use networks dedicated to their parent domain(s)", null),
 	UseExternalDnsServers("Advanced", NetworkManager.class, Boolean.class, "use.external.dns",
"false", "Bypass internal dns, use exetrnal dns1 and dns2", null),
-	EncodeApiResponse("Advanced", ManagementServer.class, Boolean.class, "encode.api.response",
"false", "Do UTF-8 encoding for the api response, false by default", null),
+	EncodeApiResponse("Advanced", ManagementServer.class, Boolean.class, "encode.api.response",
"false", "Do URL encoding for the api response, false by default", null),
 	DnsBasicZoneUpdates("Advanced", NetworkManager.class, String.class, "network.dns.basiczone.updates",
"all", "This parameter can take 2 values: all (default) and pod. It defines if DHCP/DNS requests
have to be send to all dhcp servers in cloudstack, or only to the one in the same pod", "all,pod"),
 	ClusterMessageTimeOutSeconds("Advanced", ManagementServer.class, Integer.class, "cluster.message.timeout.seconds",
"300", "Time (in seconds) to wait before a inter-management server message post times out.",
diff --git a/setup/db/db/schema-303to40.sql b/setup/db/db/schema-303to40.sql
index 39b5265..a44e64e 100644
--- a/setup/db/db/schema-303to40.sql
+++ b/setup/db/db/schema-303to40.sql
@@ -85,4 +85,4 @@ SET SQL_SAFE_UPDATES=0;
 UPDATE `cloud`.`hypervisor_capabilities` SET `max_data_volumes_limit`=13 WHERE `hypervisor_type`='XenServer'
AND (`hypervisor_version`='6.0' OR `hypervisor_version`='6.0.2');
 INSERT INTO `cloud`.`configuration` (`category`, `instance`, `component`, `name`, `value`,
`description`) VALUES ('Advanced', 'DEFAULT', 'management-server', 'event.purge.interval',
'86400', 'The interval (in seconds) to wait before running the event purge thread');
+UPDATE `cloud`.`configuration` SET description='Do URL encoding for the api response, false
by default' WHERE name='encode.api.response';

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