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From Lewis John Mcgibbney <>
Subject Re: Linked Data Track Proposal (was. Re: Semantic Web track at ApacheCon (Fwd: Tracks for ApacheCon Europe - Project Proposals needed))
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2012 14:46:46 GMT
Hi All,

Thought I'd chime in here as well (if anything merely to show and
confirm a display for increasing interest in this track).

1) I'm willing to help out (if required) with anything ongoing
throughout the entire track. I'll be doing my usual duties w.r.t the
ASF stand etc so please call on me when I can be of use.
2) So far we have the following

*Track Title**
Linked Data @ the ASF (or something similar)

*Track Description *
"This track covers a range of technologies within the ASF focused in
and around linked data. Those attending will gain insight into what
can be done with the linked data oriented Apache projects and will
also be able to discuss new technologies and future developments in
this fast moving field. The following provides a taster of linked data
oriented topics we hope to cover

linked data application (add here)
information extraction (Apache Any23)
automated annotation (Apache Stanbol)
enriched website (add here)
RDF processing (Apache Any23) and reasoning (add here)
semantic web technologies (Apache Any23, Apache Jena)
semantic web services???

- add here
- add here
- add here
- add here

Reto Bachmann-Gmür
Andy Seaborne

I agree that the wiki is the best place to begin building up the
offerings we have and the direction in which we wish to take this. I
am also waiting for Karma for this.



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