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From Henry Story <>
Subject Re: EzGraph
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2011 15:55:51 GMT

On 30 Jun 2011, at 17:23, Reto Bachmann-Gmuer wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 3:15 PM, Henry Story <> wrote:
> On 1st of June you wrote:
> [[
> For the issue to be resolvable: 
> - It should be at least minimally documented, a minimal documentation includes api documentation
for all public members. 
> - not use unicode character not readily available in the most commonly used fonts on
all major operating systems. 
> - EasyGraph should not extend SimpleMGraph, the current implementations copies all the
triples of the wrapped graph in memory 
> - As I already commented on May 8, as writing generally goes together with reading I
don't see why we should have a RichGraphNode for reading and EasyGraphNode for writing
> ]] 
> I have now done all you asked me to do then: unit tests, documentation, not to extend
simple graph. 
> I've looked at the code and it contains several improvements and very elegant approaches.
We still disagree on the need to introduce a new subclass of GraphNode and a subclass of Language.
For the unicode style I think it should be possible to find a set of unicode characters  supported
by more fonts (anybody got the characters to show up in an IDE on a OS other than MAC?).

yes, I'd be interested in that. The default is now the ascii arrows, so things should be good
to go at least.
If there are better unicode arrow characters then that would be a good thing to know about.
I think it is kind of useful to allow unicode characters at least as an option, as it pushes
the infrastructure everywhere a bit. Unicode support should be available everywhere. A lot
of very good scala libraries use them, especially Scalaz which implements a lot of concepts
from category theory.

> Discussion takes time. Code speaks louder than words here. I don't see what you are unhappy
> I created the issue branch in two variants CLEREZZA-510-bblfish and CLEREZZA-510-reto,
lets work on this issue branches to talk in code. Maybe seeing the code differences and the
implications they have on the tests we can solve the remaining issues.
> In between, could you remove the CLEREZZA-510 code from trunk? This requires some rewriting
of code you introduced for other issues.

Look, I'd really need to move onto other things. You agree the code is nice and elegant. It
can be done otherwise I am sure. I don't think any of the code here is perfect. And I can
try to improve it over time as we use it. This code has already been used a lot, so instead
of reworking everything we can just go with it.

As I said I was working a bit over a week ago on a port of to clerezza and would
like to continue with that.


> Reto
> Henry
>> Cheers,
>> Reto
>> 1.
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Social Web Architect

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