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From Reto Bachmann-Gmuer <>
Subject CLEREZZA-473 and 516: splitting issues / move changes to branch
Date Sun, 22 May 2011 01:35:40 GMT
I commented on CLEREZZA-473 that the issue is far to broad and asked
it to be split up, now clerezza 516 seems even broader.

Both issue I think might be used as umbrella issues but are not
suitable for actually doing commits against them. Many recent commits
seems very hard to be reviewed.

Just an example:

I noted this code in a file called

val typ: Resource = (agent/RDF.`type`).!
	  return typ match {
			case FOAF.Person => personHtml(agent)
			case FOAF.Group => groupHtml(agent)
			case FOAF.Agent => agentHtml(agent)
			case _ => emptyText

To me this code clearly stinks, we should just call render(agent,
"somemode") and have different renderlets for the different type of
agents. I wanted to see where this was introduced. I see the file has
4 commits, two of them are not associated to an issue and the other
are associated with the very vague and broad and both still open
issues 473 and 516.

I think for changes in trunk we should really proceed by very small
issues and avoid having the same file be affected by multiple open

If this is to be a spike then it can be broader and more explorative
but then it should clearly not be in trunk.

What do we do with the existing situation, around the
accountcontrolpanel we had a lot of commits mots of them have not been
reviewed, and because of how issues and commits were made they seem
very hard to actually be reviewed.

I think the easiest might be to move stuff to a branch and review it
as a whole when it is to be merged into trunk.


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