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From Reto Bachmann-Gmuer <>
Subject How to name things with URIs
Date Tue, 10 May 2011 12:44:26 GMT

We do not currently have a coherent naming scheme for things in clerezza:

Graphs are named like

or http://zz.localhost/web-resources.graph

local resources available on all virtual hosts are named like


additionally we have singleton bnodes  like [ a <>]

These resources have in common that they are relative to the local instance.
This is similar to the special hostname "localhost". However as on one hand
multiple instances can run on the same host and on the other hand
localhost:8080 is the typical uri-authority section for development
instances using localhost as authority seems incorrect.

I'd suggest to generalize the urn:x-allhosts-approach and use
urn:x-localinstance, when shown to the ouside world these URIs should
generally be replaces with the protocol and host that was used to access the
Clerezza instance.

For the user graphs I suggest the following naming:

urn:x-localinstance:/user/<user-id>/public: the information the user makes
public to anyone who can read from the content graph
urn:x-localinstance:/user/<user-id>/private: the information only the user,
admins and apps running with full priviledges can access
urn:x-localinstance:/user/<user-id>/friends: the information the user and
her friends may read
urn:x-localinstance:/user/<user-id>/restricted-[1-n]: information owned by
the user with some custom access-configuration

The user-id for remote user is currently like:
https___farewellutopia.com_user_me_profile_me, typically a user that wants
to log-in with a username would like to change this. We might want to give
user an immutable uid used in the names of the user-graphs and a login-name
the user can change herself.

For cached graphs I suggest to have uirs like:


Looking at section 3.3 of rfc3986 it seems no special encoding ot
<remote-uri> is needed, if I understand it correctly a colons and
consecutive slashes are only forbidden in uris without scheme. Maybe we
should encode ? and # for the uri to be more easily usable.


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