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From Reto Bachmann-Gmür>
Subject -1 Against CLEREZZA-515 patch
Date Mon, 23 May 2011 06:20:26 GMT
About:, "ugly
account name when logging into ZZ with a foreign WebID"

A Veto the proposed resolution to CLEREZZA-515 for the following reasons:

- WebId Users no longer show up in the usermanager. this is a major
regression as the usage p'attern currently known to me is as follows:
my friends log-in with webid and the I go to user-manager and give
them additional rights

- The Issue is about showing the name that is good lucking, imho the
foaf:Name would satisfy this requirement better than the WebId URI

- Even if I give all users permission to access the
account-control-panel (selecting
"{username}" "") for the base-permission-role) Roaming Users no longer
see the ACP. This is probably a problem that {username} is no longer

- The resolution goes far out of the scope of the issue. I have no
strong opinion on whether the larger refactoring from using Subjects
instead of the UserName is beneficial. I think I'd tend to postpone
such a refactoring (if it turns out to be needed) to after the first
release. BUT: even if I should conclude that the refactoring is needed
or even urgent this should be in a dedicated issue and not in one that
addresses the aesthetics of the shown account name ("ugly")

I ask the changes to be reverted, and I volunteer that I then take
over the issue. A solution to show the foaf:name (or atlernatively
foaf:nick)  on the top-right corner shouldn't take more than a patch
of a couple of lines. I show on my wall at that it is possible with
existing infrastructure (the post show the foaf:name) to implement


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