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From Henry Story <>
Subject Re: Friendly RDF and Gremlin
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 17:29:01 GMT

On 12 May 2011, at 14:10, Danny Ayers wrote:

> Hi Henry,
> I did have problems seeing the relevance of your work on friendly RDF
> syntax to the Clerezza project, while it's good work the tie-in isn't
> obvious.

It is just much nicer to read and write. A bit like the difference between
having to write NTriples and write n3. It makes the code more readable.

> But I just had a demo of Gremlin from danbri, and now I think
> there's a way of pulling this stuff together.
> Gremlin is a little language for graph traversal which allows you to
> walk the Web of data, node by node. The key part is that as you are
> going through the graph, HTTP GETs are taking place. Get that into
> your Friendly code and it's a winner!

I added the WebProxy in Clerezza which can fetch graphs and store them,
so one part of what is needed is done. IF we get XSPARQL, then writeing
transforms from any xml to rdf will be easy.

I am a bit wary of gremlin. It seems like it could eat up your hard drive 
in a very short while. But there is certainly something there.

With a few nicely written methods one could make it easier to walk the web.

Another thing one could do is just use N3. There is swap-scala out there written by Danc
last year. In N3 one can write these kinds of things very nciely.

> The way I imagine it working is using the command line bits to visit
> the parts of the published data from the point of view of a client - a
> browser or crawler, hopefully more intelligent things too.
> Check Dan's blog post (and the addendums in comments), I think you'll like this:

thanks for the link. For now I need to focus on the simple things: blogging, pinging,
friends and webid. But those are good ideas to play around with. We should build the infrascructure
to make it possible.


> Cheers,
> Danny.
> -- 

Social Web Architect

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