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From Henry Story <>
Subject Re: release planning
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2011 10:16:56 GMT
I'd say the account control panel is also in progress.

Though I think it should be easy to divide the 'experimental' part form the 'stable' part.
(The whole of Clerezza is pretty experimental, so of course those distinctions are very arbitrary)

It also depends on what the timetable for the release is. 


On 5 Apr 2011, at 11:03, Hasan Hasan wrote:

> Dear All
> We have been very late in providing a release version of Apache Clerezza.
> I'd like to push a bit our efforts in this direction.
> 1) New release date
> A separate email will be sent around to request votes on a new release date
> 2) Included modules
> All modules listed in the release profile (pom.xml of parent), see also
> CLEREZZA-485 <>.
> I suggest, if a module is not ready on the release date, it is taken out of
> the release version
> in order to NOT delay releasing Apache Clerezza any further.
> I think it is important to assign one or two responsible persons to each
> module.
> To start, I'll assign our names to each module in
> CLEREZZA-485<>
> .
> Feel free to update or add your names to those modules that you want to be
> responsible for.
> 3) Functionality within modules
> I suggest that for the time being no additional features are added to the
> module, but let us
> concentrate on bug fixing and performance improvement.
> 4) API
> I recommend to not alter any API intended for application developers. API
> intended for use within Clerezza
> may be changed if needed, but should be avoided.
> Further suggestions?
> Kind regards
> Hasan

Social Web Architect

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