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From Marco Zaugg <>
Subject RE: How to modify pages on the project website
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2011 05:46:53 GMT
Just noticed that there weren't any visual indications
for my answer within my last email. Used a new mail client. 
sorry 'bout that.

> On 07.04.2011, at 07:07, Reto Bachmann-Gmuer wrote:
> Hi Marco,
> Even when you're not a developer you're free to proposes patches to the
> website publication process as well as to the website content itself. It is
> requirement on a process however that all content is stored in svn, so
> simple SFTP isn't an option.

That already is a NOGO for a non-techie. Storing data in svn, fine. But a non-techie does
work with such tools. Actually even SFTP would already be challenging. That's why wikis and
other CMS should be used in the mid-term.

> Also keep in mind that documentation should mainly be available in the
> documentation both published on the website as well as being available
> online on a clerezza instance. So the process should take this into account.

Agree with that, I think I'm not writing technical documentation, but rather the
content around that, be it use cases, solutions that already use Clerezza, acknowledgments,
non-tech summaries etc. I personally doubt that this type of information is needed
in a Clerezza instance.

> As mentioned in an earlier mauil to the subject, you're also welcome to
> raise issues against the current content, this issues may be accompanied by
> a patch but may also just describe the typo in the text. Even for the
> technical audience the content needs to be revisited, the start page
> advertises a non existent front end adaptor for the sesame api.

Quite a time-consuming and unpractical way. If one would like to build the page using
different styling options etc. you need whether a cms or simple html/css/javascript
structure you can modify in a text editor or Dreamweaver.

If Henry and co. would like to push Clerezza out to invite developers and advanced users
to use it, we have to talk their language. And the content should be actually written by
people that understands their needs. That's the beauty of a open source community, different
people with different backgrounds and skills can share their time and experience for a greater

But hey, if you don't need us and write everything yourself, bon. No problem. But if you need
us you have to compromise.

> Reto

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