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From Henry Story <>
Subject Adding friends
Date Sun, 20 Mar 2011 15:12:26 GMT
As of the latest checking the basic functionality for adding remote friends is working well
enough so that people can try it out, understand how it is meant to work, and come up with

How does it work?

On your home profile, once you have created yourself a WebID, you should now see an input
where you can add yourself a contact in the form of their WebID.

So you can try this out by pasting

for example. Clicking "Add Contact" will then bring you to


which will show you information about me and the friends I have declared as being mine.

You can click on the button next to "Add as contact" and that will add me to your list of
foaf:knows relations. Your profile panel should show photos of the people you have thus added.

You can also explore information about other people who have WebIDs, and add them too.

So this I can imagine is going to be quite an important part of Clerezza, so I think we should
add a component name for it in jira to create issues for it.


Social Web Architect

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