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From Olivier Grisel <>
Subject Re: A question about Jena Sparql Engine and the TDB Store
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2011 16:18:26 GMT
On 17 March 2011 16:37, Hasan Hasan <> wrote:
> Hi Olivier
> Indeed, this "fastlane" support in executing sparql queries, where the
> underlying triple store is jena, is something that still on our to do list.
> However, if you would like to contribute and provide a patch, that would be
> really appreciated.
> Not sure about the effort needed to get the native TDB Dataset encapsulated
> in the TripleCollection though. There may be some other wrappers in-between
> which are inserted to provide security and locking mechanisms

Ok thanks for your reply. Security and locking checks apart, making
the jena sparql engine able to fetch a TdbDataset instead of the
generic TcDataset wrapper would require to introduce a new dependency
between and rdf.jena.sparql one way or another,
maybe moving the TcDataset class as an interface in the
rdf.jena.commons instead to avoid cyclic or unwanted dependencies.

Also it would be great to have support for fined grained support for
default and named graph in SPARQL queries with named graph mapped to
the Clerezza graph ids used by the TcProvider. In jena this seem to be
provided by:

I wonder if this compatible with the current directory structure
implied by the TdbTcProvider#getMGraph implementation.


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