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From Tsuyoshi Ito <>
Subject Where to store BLOBs in clerezza?
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2011 09:21:52 GMT

Currently we are storing BLOBs in graphs as base64Binary literal by
default. I am not sure if this is the way to go. I am wondering what
other users/developers think about this.

i have the following concerns:

a) back up graphs (export as turtle) and restoring graphs (PUT rdf+xml
or turtle) is cumbersome (takes a long time and consumes a lot of
resources), could also lead to out of memory exception (see Andy
Seaborne thread concerning tbd)
b) filtering, adding and removing triples containing BLOBs (large
literals) is slow and can lead to out of memory exception
c) when requesting BLOBs via web service literals (BLOBs) have to be
converted to byte arrays

(NOT sure if js and css are stored as base64Binary literal in the
graph but most javascript libs are available as a single large file
and therefore is a large literal)
d) webpublisher who develops  js and css have to update the graphs in
order to update the js and css (this is often done by trial and error
for IE compatibility).

 Feedbacks are welcome


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