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From Henry Story <>
Subject setting permissions on a graph?
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2011 14:56:29 GMT
I the WebIdGraphsService a permission on a graph in set by calling

List(new TcPermission(Constants.CONTENT_GRAPH_URI_STRING, TcPermission.READ).toString))

I don't understand what

has to do in there. I am not sure how to read the setRequiredReadPermissionStrings method.

Also is it called setRequiredReadPermissionStrings when you can set read or write permissions?
Why not just setPermissions?

I would like to have a graph for each user with an account, to which every agent on the web
- even anonymous users - can write, but where the deleting is going to be very restricted.
I also want to filter that graph so that each agent can only see what he wrote to the graph.
  The point of this graph is for people using other CMSes to be able to send pings to a Clerezza
user in order to notify him for example that she was added to someone's foaf profile for example.

I am not quite sure what permissions I should set on that graph... If there was to be a permission
restriction, it might be for certain code to be able to write to that graph - the ping code
for example.

Still new to this.


Social Web Architect

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