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From Tsuyoshi Ito <>
Subject Problems with org.wymiwyg.wrhapi.Request
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 13:36:20 GMT

I tried to implement an org.wymiwyg.wrhapi.filter.Filter. Therefore I
played around with org.wymiwyg.wrhapi.Request.

I had the following problems with org.wymiwyg.wrhapi.Request:

1. request.getRequestURI() returns not a URI (containing a scheme)
instead only the full path (/foo/bar) is returned (btw: I found that
the type of my request is ABS_PATH).
2. request.getRequestURI().getAbsPath()  returns not an URI as in instead the full path
(/foo/bar) is returned
3. I get 8282 instead of 8080 from request.getPort() when requesting

IMO there seems to be some definition/specification conflicts with RFC
3305 and jaxrs.

Is there an easy way to change the authority of a request? I tried to
implement an alias mapper.


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