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From Franco Fallica <>
Subject AW: UIMA integration
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 09:36:17 GMT
Hi Tommaso, 

a while ago you sent me the below explanations for clerezza/uima integration. 

I just spent the last couple of hours installing your bundles but I didn't succeed. 
would you be so kind and provide me with some kind of installation instructions?

What I did is: 

add the 4 modules of org.apache.clerezza.uima as dependencies to my bundle. 
additionaly I need the dep. to org.apache.uima/uimaj-ep-runtime

in the end I was able to build the bundles but when I installed them. org.apache.clerezza.uima.utils
is missing the package org.apache.uima. 
in the pom of it. there is the following: 

so I don't see why it wouldn't find this jar. 

anyhow I would be very glad if you or anybody else for that matter could point me in the right

thank you very much and regards

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Von: Tommaso Teofili [] 
Gesendet: Montag, 8. November 2010 14:49
Betreff: Re: UIMA integration

Hi Franco,

2010/11/8 Franco Fallica <>

> I've been working on something quite similar. And while looking at your
> code I decided to abandon my stuff and rather use yours as a basis for what
> we are trying to accomplish.

what is that exactly, can I help in some ways?

> Would it be possible for you to write a (very) short how-to about how to
> use your implementation or could you provide a short example?

You can find very short examples inside ExternalServicesFacadeTest inside
org.apache.clerezza.uima.utils module.
A common scenario can go like this:

// node representing a text resource

Node existingNode = ....

// create the UIMAServicesFacade

UIMAServicesFacade uimaServicesFacade = new ExternalServicesFacade();

// set runtime parameters for AlchemyAPI/OpenCalais inside a Map

Map<String, Object> parameterSettings = new HashMap<String, Object>();

parameterSettings.put("apikey", "AVALIDALCHEMYAPIKEY"); // param for
> AlchemyAPI


> // extract a list of concepts related to a text

String resourceText = existingNode.toString();

List<FeatureStructure> concepts =
> externalServicesFacade.getConcepts(resourceText);

then with that list of FeatureStructures, that are UIMA objects containing
Types (entities or annotations) and their Features (properties) you can
enhance the node representing that resource.

UIMAUtils.enhanceNode(existingNode, concepts);

the enhanceNode() method uses the ontology inside
org.apache.clerezza.uima.ontologies module to build a graph of UIMA types
and features binding it to the existingNode.
You can find such a behavior inside the metadata-generator.

I hope I clarified a little bit, If not (sorry and) let me know or keep

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