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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: leak but where after parsing rdf files?
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 11:57:22 GMT
>> But once the iterator from Graph.find has returned a triples, it's not in
>> TDB at all.  There is an issue with how the node table cache might grow
>> because of large literals in it, but is is limited to a maximum number of
>> entries.  Turn the cache size down.
> How to do this?

In theory (this isn't tested in a while nor is it documented except by code)

In theory, the caches are tunable because it's all constants in 
SystemTDB, but it's untested as to the performance impact. It should be 
in the appropriate .info file as well, but it's not.


where FILENAME is the name of Java properties file (not XML form).


See the code in

Or, for testing, simply change the default values of 
NodeId2NodeCacheSize and Node2NodeIdCacheSize and rebuild.


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