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From Fabian Christ <>
Subject Namespace handling in Clerezza and JSON-LD serialization
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2010 15:24:58 GMT

as one part of the EU funded project "Interactive Knowledge Stack" IKS
[1] and by this part of the Apache FOO incubation proposal we currently
use Clerezza as one underlying framework.

Currently, I'm implementing a JSON-LD [2] serializer as part of the FISE
component [3]. This serializer implements the Clerezza
SerializingProvider interface. So this serializer is basically a
Clerezza serializer.

The JSON-LD format supports namespaces, so we need some way to manage
known namespaces and their prefixes within the whole system. An example
of a JSON-LD output looks like this:

    "#": {
        "dbpedia": "http:\/\/\/ontology\/",
        "dcterms": "http:\/\/\/dc\/terms",
        "fise": "http:\/\/\/ontology\/",
        "xmlns": "http:\/\/\/2001\/XMLSchema#"
    "@": "<urn:iks-project:fise:test:text-annotation:Person>",
    "a": [
    "dcterms:\/created": "\"2010-10-27\"^^<xmlns:dateTime>",
    "dcterms:\/creator": "urn:iks-project:fise:test:dummyEngine",
    "dcterms:\/type": "dbpedia:Person",
    "fise:end": "\"20\"^^<xmlns:int>",
    "fise:selected-text": "\"Patrick Marshall\"^^<xmlns:string>",
    "fise:selection-context": "\"Dr. Patrick ..\"^^<xmlns:string>",
    "fise:start": "\"4\"^^<xmlns:int>"

This brings us to two questions:

1) How does Clerezza handle the namespaces and prefixes? Is there some
centralized service that FOO could use? If there is no namespace
handling yet, what are the Clerezza plans here? Maybe we could find a
solution that is useful for both projects.

2) Is the Clerezza community interested in the JSON-LD serializer? We
would be happy to commit the code to Clerezza instead of our own code
base and support Clerezza.

Best regards,
- Fabian


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