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From Tsuyoshi Ito <>
Subject RDFlists
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2010 06:49:56 GMT
Hi reto

I have done some performance tests (GET requests) with clerezza in the last days. Since Clerezze-320
is resolved the performance of ssp is massively improved (thanks a lot for that). But sometimes
when the maximum of concurrent users (which clerezza can handle) is reached rdflists are going
to be corrupt - it doesn't matter if there are persistent rdflists (like a site navigation/breadcrumbs)
or temporary lists (usermanager.webinterface). Unfortunately I can not reproduce this regularly
and after a hard restart the lists seems to be ok again but since clerezza could not shutdown
correctly I can not say if this is because tdb could not save the data or if this is just
a temporary/cachning problem  of rdflists.

I have created an issue ( but I am not
sure how to handle this issue - I don't get it how a GET request (read action) can make an
rdflist corrupt? Any idea?

Thanks for your help.

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