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From Danny Ayers <>
Subject Hello & apps
Date Sun, 22 Aug 2010 09:11:29 GMT
Hello again Trialox guys, small world Henry :)

Everyone else - pleased to meet you!

Seems like I should do what I can to help the project, though other
commitments mean I'll be unlikely to be able to contribute much over
the next few months.

Anyhow, there are two specific projects I'm intermittently working on
that Clerezza seems ideal for, and hopefully they should at least
provide some feedback (and maybe demos & tutorial-like documentation).

The first is a blog engine - 'Gradino' [1] - I started it because I
want to learn Scala (getting there very slowly, my code is still very
Java-like). Essentially aiming for an easy-to-use WordPress-like
setup, but with added semweb goodness. Using Jena TDB & embedded

I'd got as far as basic posting & viewing (the views coming from
templated SPARQL results), when Reto suggested I used jax-rs. As he
wrote the main bit of code I needed (a lot neater than I had already)
against the Trialox libs, how could I refuse..? I've since added
tagging facilities and some other oddments. Most of what I've got is
pretty much a quick & dirty version of some bits of Clerezza, so I
plan to gradually migrate across. And write tests :)

The other project is something I suggested to the W3C's Semantic Web
Education & Outreach (SWEO) group a while back - 'Semantic Web in a
Box' [2]

What I have in mind is a semweb tutorial/dev tool built as a Swing
(/Scala Swing) app with Clerezza & HTTP client bits under the hood -
primarily used as a local app, but easy to put stuff live on the Web.

I did make a start on that ages ago - in svn at [3]. Very buggy, the
only remotely interesting bit being a Swing tree backed by a Jena
model, which seemed like a handy way of exploring/editing RDF.

If anyone fancies helping out with either of these projects it would
make me very happy, The only constraint I want on them is that the
design should be relatively lightweight core, bells and whistles added
through plugins (which I guess shouts osgi, although I haven't got
that far yet).  I think I put a BSD license on the code but could
easily change that to Apache if that would be more suitable.

btw, as there isn't a clerezza-user list within Apache, have you
considered setting one up elsewhere? Given the amount of work done
already (there's a lot of code!) I suspect adding more eyeballs could
be useful.




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