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From Henry Story <>
Subject Re: Hello & apps
Date Sun, 22 Aug 2010 09:18:55 GMT

On 22 Aug 2010, at 11:11, Danny Ayers wrote:

> Hello again Trialox guys, small world Henry :)

Hi Danny! Nice to hear from you again.

> Everyone else - pleased to meet you!
> Seems like I should do what I can to help the project, though other
> commitments mean I'll be unlikely to be able to contribute much over
> the next few months.
> Anyhow, there are two specific projects I'm intermittently working on
> that Clerezza seems ideal for, and hopefully they should at least
> provide some feedback (and maybe demos & tutorial-like documentation).
> The first is a blog engine - 'Gradino' [1] - I started it because I
> want to learn Scala (getting there very slowly, my code is still very
> Java-like). Essentially aiming for an easy-to-use WordPress-like
> setup, but with added semweb goodness. Using Jena TDB & embedded
> Jetty.

Well finally we'll be able to work together! :-) 

Let me look at Gradino. I wanted to write a blog engine for Clerezza myself so if we can work
in a team that will be great and should speet things up. And if it can be as easy to use as
WordPress that would be fantatic :-) We have the same aims!

> I'd got as far as basic posting & viewing (the views coming from
> templated SPARQL results), when Reto suggested I used jax-rs. As he
> wrote the main bit of code I needed (a lot neater than I had already)
> against the Trialox libs, how could I refuse..? I've since added
> tagging facilities and some other oddments. Most of what I've got is
> pretty much a quick & dirty version of some bits of Clerezza, so I
> plan to gradually migrate across. And write tests :)
> The other project is something I suggested to the W3C's Semantic Web
> Education & Outreach (SWEO) group a while back - 'Semantic Web in a
> Box' [2]
> What I have in mind is a semweb tutorial/dev tool built as a Swing
> (/Scala Swing) app with Clerezza & HTTP client bits under the hood -
> primarily used as a local app, but easy to put stuff live on the Web.
> I did make a start on that ages ago - in svn at [3]. Very buggy, the
> only remotely interesting bit being a Swing tree backed by a Jena
> model, which seemed like a handy way of exploring/editing RDF.

On the client side on the other hand I would like to finish off my Semantic Address Book if
I get time, so I don't think I'll have that much time to help here. Working on getting Clerezza
to be a distributed Facebook seems much easier and more rewarding :-)

> If anyone fancies helping out with either of these projects it would
> make me very happy, The only constraint I want on them is that the
> design should be relatively lightweight core, bells and whistles added
> through plugins (which I guess shouts osgi, although I haven't got
> that far yet).  I think I put a BSD license on the code but could
> easily change that to Apache if that would be more suitable.
> btw, as there isn't a clerezza-user list within Apache, have you
> considered setting one up elsewhere? Given the amount of work done
> already (there's a lot of code!) I suspect adding more eyeballs could
> be useful.
> Cheers,
> Danny.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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