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From André Dietisheim <>
Subject running clerezza on equinox
Date Sat, 15 May 2010 00:55:59 GMT

I'm currently trying to run clerezza on equinox. My goal is to run 
clerezza and org.eclipse.emf.cdo on the same osgi runtime.
Unfortunately it's not as easy as it sounds.

1.) Attempt
My first attempt was to keep everything in place but just swap the 
launcher code in one of the launchers (tdb, sesame, storageless, etc.). 
OSGI R4.2 defined an official way to start osgi runtimes. The launcher 
code would look similar to this:

         FrameworkFactory factory =  
         Framework framework = factory.newFramework(configProps);
         System.err.printf("Starting osgi runtime '%s'\n", 

getFrameworkFactoryClassName() exists in 2 flawors:

         return "org.eclipse.osgi.launch.EquinoxFactory";


         return "org.apache.felix.framework.FrameworkFactory";

Doing this, I got a Main, that could launch felix without any flaws, but 
equinox threw exceptions very early:

at org.eclipse.osgi.baseadaptor.BaseAdaptor.initializeStorage
at org.eclipse.osgi.framework.internal.core.Framework.initialize
at org.eclipse.osgi.framework.internal.core.Framework.<init>

I tried to fix this situation (obviously something's wrong with the 
bundle cache or configuration area) by setting the various osgi 
configuration settings. Unfortunately nothing helps. I stepped through 
the code and saw that equinox has a pluggable storage architecture and 
cant find it's hooked storage suppliers.
-> My current guess is that equinox can't run if it's being inlined like 
the clerezza does with felix. To my understanding this approach's 
practical but not pretty legal anyhow (felix's Apache licenced, Equinox 
Eclipse Public licenced. Mixing both in one archive does not ensure the 
code and licence borders).

2.) Not inlined, start as referenced jar
My second attempt was to keep the equinox jar untouched and reference it 
in launchers manifest:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Class-Path: osgi-3.5.2.R35x_v20100126.jar

Unfortunately, this approach doesn't work either. Equinox starts, gets a 
bit further and spits exceptions later uphill. It complains when it 
tries to install the system bundles:


Once again, things look storage related. I stepped through the code and 
searched the mailing-list

-> My current guess is that you cannot launch equinox this way either.

3.) Fat jar
There are several tools out there that allow you to embed code and jar 
into an outer jar. The most prominent one's here:
These tools even exist with maven bundles. I tried a few of them and 
stumbled mostly on duplicate entries in the resulting jar. The same 
happend with the assembly:assembly goal (there's a bug in the current 
Furthermore, many post note that class access gets pretty slow with this 

-> Doesn't work either.

I wonder how pax-runner handles the launch. What's the reason not to use 
pax-runner anyhow?

Any hints, comments suggestions?


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