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From Hasan <>
Subject Re: Committing initial source
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2009 17:19:31 GMT
hi reto,

it seems two projects are not yet committed to the svn:


Reto Bachmann-Gmuer wrote:
> Currently in the process of committing the initial sources to svn (I was
> hoping on having a very high bandwidth once the university building is
> empty, but it still takes a while).
> An overview:
>    - org.apache.clerezza.parent
>    This is the multi-module project containing all of clerezza, there are
>    some issues compiling it all in one go with maven. With maven 3 the build
>    order is correct but it fails compiling the maven-ontology-plugin, with
>    maven 2.1 you have to compile some projects individually first. Within this
>    project there is org.apache.clerezza.webapp.parent as anothe multimodule
>    with many modules: all projects exposing a web/rest interface inherit from
>    this project, this intermediate parent should add generation of WADL doc to
>    those (TBD). There are some other multimodule projects (leaf multimodules)
>    grouping what has to be in separate maven projects for technical reasons,
>    typically
>    - pax-exam tests
>       - ontologies (bundle)
>       - core project (bundle)
>       - maven mojo
>       -
>    This is a fork of the felix-security framework disabling some caches that
>    caused memory leaks, since felix 2.0.2 the security framework is working
>    again and thus this will be obsolete as soon as we update to this felix
>    version. In a first manual test running with 2.0.2 some components weren't
>    running, to facilitate investigation an issue has been posted against
>    PAXEXAM to support felix 2.0.2 (currently 2.0.1) so that integration tests
>    for different portions of clerezza can be done.
> Reto

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