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From Noel Duffy <>
Subject Documentation refers to adaptor "FileTailer" which does not exist
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2012 02:16:27 GMT
In the documentation for the chukwa agent for version 0.4.0, at this url:

There is a section titled Adaptors which begins:

> This section lists the standard adaptors, and the arguments they take.
>    FileAdaptor: Pushes a whole file, as one Chunk, then exits. Takes one mandatory parameter;
the file to push.
>    add FileTailer FooData /tmp/foo 0

However, I believe this last line should read:

>    add FileAdaptor FooData /tmp/foo 0

$ telnet localhost 9093
Connected to localhost.localdomain (
Escape character is '^]'.
add FileTailer FooData /tmp/foo 0
org.apache.hadoop.chukwa.datacollection.adaptor.AdaptorException: Can't load class FileTailer
add FileAdaptor FooData /tmp/foo 0
OK add completed; new ID is adaptor_7f93516f352c4aaa08140e7b5a1d52f4

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