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From 陈镇海 <>
Subject UDPAdaptor
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2011 02:22:01 GMT
I'm using chukwa-0.4.0. The agent and collector are in the same
machine. When I use UDPAdaptor, I found a problem.
The initial_adaptor is written "add UDPAdaptor Packets 1234 0". After
start agent,collector and start_data_processor, I use "nc" to send
some data to this udp port as followed:
echo "hello" | nc -u
echo "world" | nc -u
echo "this is a test" | nc -u
echo "good job" | nc -u
echo "OK" | nc -u
After it works for a while, I found something was written in HDFS. In
the directory "/chukwa/dataSinkArchives", I found the data was written
in correct order. But in the directory "/chukwa/repos", I found the
data was written in a wrong order as followed:
............body this is  a test
............body OK
............body good job
............body hello
............body world
How it happened?
Another problem,when I keep the agent running and stop the collector,
I continue to send data to the udp port.After a while,when I start the
collector,I found the data was not lost.I want to know how and where
the data is stored.
Thanks a lot.

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